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Lindgatan 5

Lindgatan 5

On tour in the Västra Götaland Region
and at the Göteborg Opera Small Stage

Script Bernt Höglund, Christina Lundström
Music Thomas Lindahl

Lindgatan 5 – the house at the end of the hill – is an old two-story building of wood where the tenants have lived for a long time. A very long time.
It is a peaceful house. Geraniums are in bloom in the windows. A cat is sleeping on the stairs in the spring sun.

Then an old man who lives in the house dies. His apartment becomes empty. Something is missing at Lindgatan 5. Left behind are his grieving neighbours and his little cat.

One day something happens. There is a new tenant. He is not like the others. Who is this new person at Lindgatan 5? What happens to the other tenants when they are faced with a different situation? If things are not the way they used to be – what happens then? And how did the cat end up at the centre of events?


Anna Lönnkvist, ensamstående mamma
Mia Ringblom-Hjertner

Birger Isacsson, pensionär
Göthe Norehäll

Louise Dyrhage, mitt i karriären
Ingahlill Wagelin Gauffin

Claes Bjerke, entertainer
Per Larsson

Sara Svensson, musiklärare
Maria Lith

Mattias Karlsson, fastighetsägare
Sebastian Ring

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Bernt Höglund och Christina Lundström

Bernt Höglund

Scenografi och kostym
Christina Lundström

Niklas Westlund

Thomas Lindahl


  • Genre: Musical
  • Season: 2005/2006
  • First show: 1 Oct 2005
  • Last show: 10 Dec 2005
  • Location: