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“Dance that everyone should see” – DN

Life’s a show

Luminously explosive and poetic dance. 

“A bombastic performance which everyone should see”Dagens Nyheter
”Collected evidence of the company’s breadth and quality – with a finale to delight in”Göteborgs-Posten
“An evening to let under your skin”Borås Tidning
”The Göteborg Opera’s dancers are radiant at full power.”Göteborgs-Posten

Pulsating dance inspired by music videos meets softly flowing, rebellious dance poetry. Energy, immense power and desire in a double world premiere with GöteborgsOperans Danskompani.


Creation by Marina Mascarell

Valley, trailer
”A daring and consistent creation on om the human condition. From beginning to end it makes formidable use of both dancers and the stage.”Dagens Nyheter
Marina Mascarell
Mats Bäcker
The Spanish choreographer Marina Mascarell creates ingenious dance performances with a fantastic attention to detail and strong social commitment. Her piece ‘Mongrel’, created for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani (2015) and hailed a great success by audiences and critics has been nominated for several awards. In her creation ‘Valley’, Marina Mascarell takes on a timeless theme: life as a show.

The sophisticated scenography of architect Ludmila Rodrigues is here illustrated in the form of a gigantic origami of felted rugs. The highly atmospheric music, composed by electronic music producer Ben Frost, provides the audience with an enhanced experience of captivating mysticism.

The gently undulating choreography with indications of trauma and apocalypse is the result of 18 months of research. Marina Mascarell has studied how humans allow information technology to control and distract them to the point of memory change. We all tend to follow the manuscript of the masses and play our intended roles until life itself becomes a spectacle. Both for the onlookers and ourselves.

A film clip recorded during the open rehearsal for ’Valley’

Contemporary Dance

Creation by Hofesh Shechter

Contemporary Dance, trailer
”A breath of fresh air in the midst of fultility. An about-face which allows dance to reflect humanity in a new light.”Dagens Nyheter
Hofesh Schechter
Hugo Glendinning
‘Contemporary Dance’ - Hofesh Schechter’s first creation for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani - serves up an intense clubbing experience mixed with ironic references to music videos.

Ten years ago, the Israeli-born British Hofesh Schecther went from being an almost unknown choreographer to one that filled the greatest dance stages in the UK. Today, he is one of the world’s most celebrated choreographers – impossible to predict but with an unmistakable style. His works are anarchistic, explosive physical and virtuosic. At the same time, they are tender and vibrant. He blends satire with profoundness, chaos with order and primal animal power with human desire.

‘Contemporary Dance’ promises to fill the Main Stage with tremendous amounts of intense energy. The rhythmic, ferociously pulsating and captivating music has been composed by the choreographer himself.

Whilst the first choreographer this evening tends to spend at least one year on research, Hofesh Shechter goes into the studio empty-handed to later emerge with a miracle that will leave the audience gasping for more. In June 2019, the Hofesh Shechter Company will give a guest performance of Shechter’s highly acclaimed ‘Grand Finale’ at the Göteborg Opera’s Dance Festival.

Studio rehearsals for ’Contemporary Dance’

“Having met the dancers for an introductory exchange, I found them to be of the most talented and adaptable group of dancers on the planet. It is so rare to meet a group of dancers and have an instant click with them. It both excites me and scares me what we might be able to do together. I look forward to pushing their physicality and having them push my creativity to new places,” says Hofesh.


Verbal introduction:
The Small Stage, 1 hr before each performance (except the premiere)

Take the opportunity to learn more about the performance and get insight into the story and the background. Introductions take place either on our Small Stage an hour before opera and dance performances (but are not held before premieres, guest performances or dance performances which have a physical introduction).

Introductions do not cost anything extra, use your performance ticket to enter. Introduction take about 20 minutes and are presented in Swedish. They are popular, so come early to make sure you get a seat!

Physical introductions

GöteborgsOperans Danskompani now offers the participatory format of physical introduction to all interested in deepening their insight into the company’s performances. Physical introductions are held in English. The physical introduction for Life's a show is based on the choreography in Hofesh Shechter's work "Contemporary dance". 

Open for everyone, these 1 hour physical explorations are a way of entering and experiencing various choreographic approaches, movement principles and aesthetic signatures. The physical engagement of audience members allows for a different perceptual contact with the performance, inviting the participants to connect and experiment within the physical (rather than just the visual) perspectives various works embody.

Led by the dancers of the company, physical introductions extend the performing space into a participatory, experiential environment, creating possibilities for a multitude of personal sensorial insights and exchanges. We invite all the interested participants to join us. Comfortable clothes and shoes advisable but not obligatory.

Free entry with ticket, limited number of places – max. 60 people per occasion.

Book your ticket here

Dates for the physical introductions:

  • Wednesday 20 March, 17.45-18.30 (Emilía Gísladóttir & Valērija Kuzmiča)
  • Thursday 28 March, 17.45-18.30 (Sabine Groenendijk & Micol Mantini)
  • Saturday 30 March, 16.45-17.30 (Hiroki Ichinose & Joseba Yerro Izaguirre)
  • Sunday 7 April, 16.45-17.30  (Einar Nikkerud & Lee-Yuan Tu)


Sunday 7 April, 20.30 - 21.00

Right after the show on April  7there will be an after-talk with the dancers on the main stage. Then you get the possibility to ask questions and share your thoughts about the show. Be sure to book tickets for this evening if you want to learn more about the two works and the dance company. Artistic director Katrín Hall will lead the after-talk.

World premiere 15 March 2019
10 performances, runs until 14 April.


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