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North meets South at the Göteborg Ballet

Dance. A dance performance with Italian irony, Swedish contrasting and a Finnish sense for details. Three new works created especially for the Göteborg Ballet.

World premiere October 14, 2011.

"A painful and surprisingly beautiful triple dance bill" Borås Tidning
"The Göteborg Opera has a fantastic dance ensemble." GöteborgsPosten
"It is impossible not to notice the dancers' impressive abilities." GöteborgsPosten

Three different styles join in harmony when the choreographers and their works come together with the Göteborg Ballet ensemble. For the first dance première of the season one Italian and two Scandinavian choreographers have worked together with three composers to create a triple bill full of movement, energy and music composed especially for this production.

Fading by Helena Franzén.

Photo: Mats Bäcker

Helena Franzén has worked as a choreographer for over 20 years and has created more than 70 choreographic works. On her I’m not looking back, a collaboration with the artist Jenny Wilson at Dansens Hus 2010, DN wrote: “Few Swedish choreographers are so generous, stimulatingly faceted and physically intelligent as Helena Franzén.”

She has previously created Shadowknuckles for a regional tour with The Göteborg Opera Ballet. Jukka Rintamäki is writing the music for the new work Fading.

Watch an interview with Helena Franzén (in swedish).

Transient Horizon by Susanna Leinonen.

Transient Horizon
Transient Horizon
Transient Horizon
Photo: Mats Bäcker

Watch an interview with Susanna Leinonen.

Susanna Leinonen is based in Helsinki, where she alternates between productions for her own company and freelance assignments. Her style has been described as aspiring, polished and perfectionist, filled with thousands of delicate little details. For her new workTransient Horizon she has worked together with musician Kasperi Laine.

Sud-virus by Roberto Zappalà.

Photo: Mats Bäcker

Watch an interview with Roberto Zappalá.

In collaboration with compagnia zappalà danza.

Roberto Zappalà is artistic director and principal choreographer for Compagnia Zappalà Danza, founded in 1989 and based in Catania, Sicily. The company has toured much of the world. His work sud-virus for The Göteborg Opera Ballet is an ironic observation of how “the south” can be seen as a parasitic virus on “the north”. The music is composed by Puccio Castrogiovanni, who also plays live on stage together with several musicians.


  • Genre: Dance
  • Season: 2011/2012
  • premiere: 14 Oct 2011
  • Last show: 27 Oct 2011
  • Location:

    Main Stage

  • Length: aprox. 2 hours 30 min. including pause.

Transient Horizon

Choreography   Susanna Leinonen
Music   Kasperi Laine
Choreograph assistant   Heidi Lehtoranta
Set design   Susanna Leinonen, Kimmo Karjunen och Erika Turunen
Light design   Kimmo Karjunen


Choreography   Helena Franzén
Music   Jukka Rintamäki
Set design   Maria Hurtig, Karin Lind
Costume idea   Helena Franzén
Light design   Markus Granqvist


Idea   Nello Calabrò, Roberto Zappalà
Choreography, costume design and light design.   Roberto Zappalà
Music   Puccio Castrogiovanni
Choreograph assistant   Daniela Bendini, Wei Meng Poon
Set design   Giuseppe Parito, Roberto Zappalà
In collaboration with   compagnia zappalà danza