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La Traviata

La Traviata

La Traviata shocked the public at its first premiere. Courtesans would never be discussed openly and were definitely not the subject for an opera.
Despite the fact that La Traviata was written in 1853 the story of Violetta is still thought provoking today. A young woman who relies on her beauty in a world in which power, money and status are the only things that matter. Its music and engaging story, has made La Traviata one of the world’s best-known operas.

La Traviata has been produced many times in Göteborg, most recently at Göteborgs Opera with its premiere on 18 April 1998.


Dirigent Pietro Rizzo Violetta Charlotta Larsson Alfredo Tomas Lind Germont Robert Hyman Annina Pia Svorono Gastone Mattias Ermedahl Karl Rombo Baron Duphol Markus Schwartz Doktor Grenvil Åke Zetterström Flora Helena Holmberg Markis d'Obigny Markus Kroon Giuseppe Erik Enqvist GöteborgsOperans Orkester, GöteborgsOperans Kör Statister Med reservation för eventuella ändringar.


Dirigent Pietro Rizzo Regi David Radok Scenografi Lars-Åke Thessman Kostym Anne-Marie Anttila Ljusdesign Hans-Åke Sjöquist Koreografi Håkan Mayer


  • Genre: Opera
  • Season: 2006/2007
  • First show: 10 Feb 2007
  • Last show: 20 Apr 2007
  • Location:

    Main Stage

  • Length: approx 3 h incl. 2 intervals. Interval 1 after 30 min. Interval 2 after 2 h.
  • Introduction:1 hour before performance, on the Small Stage. Not on premieres. Limited number of places.
  • Info:Göteborg Opera Main Stage