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Jultrad-i-ton 2012

Concert. The Main Stage is clad in its winter attire for the Göteborg Opera’s traditional Christmas concert for the whole family.

The Göteborg Opera Jultraditon 2007. Hans Josefson as Santa Clausphoto: ingemar jernberg

Welcome as we embark on a musical journey into Santa’s world for the whole family! In full winter attire, Father and Mother Christmas Hans Josefsson and Gunilla Olsson Karlsson invite you to the traditional, Christmas-inspired cavalcade of classic and modern festive songs.

Arriving in the foyer, you will find Santa’s helpers offering snacks before the time comes for the audience to make its way into the auditorium for a visit to Santa’s magical world. Vocal soloists, the orchestra, dancers and choirs, will put together a fantastic performance.

Jultrad-i-ton has for many years been a much appreciated ingredient in the creation of a warm, lively and loving Christmas for the whole family.

Come along to listen, enjoy, be enchanted – and sing along!

photo: camilla simonson
photo: camilla simonson


  • Genre: Concert
  • Season: 2012/2013
  • premiere: 15 Dec 2012
  • Last show: 21 Dec 2012
  • Location:

    Main Stage

Takes part

Conductor   Jakob Hultberg
Director   Hans Josefsson
Choreographer   Gunilla Olsson Karlsson
Set Design   Lars Peder Lindström
Light Design   Joakim Brink
Costume   Tomas Sjöstedt
Soloist   Marco Stella
Soloist   Anna Werner
Soloist   Karolin Funke
Guests   Zillah och Totte
The Göteborg Opera Choir
The Göteborg Opera Childrens Choir
The Göteborg Orchestra
Brunnsbo Musikklasser