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Jultrad-i-ton 2011

Concert. The traditional Göteborg Opera Christmas Concert is back.

The popular Göteborg Opera Christmas Concert for the whole family is back in a fantastic winter setting. Santa Claus (Hans Josefsson) and Mrs Santa (Gunilla Olsson Karlsson) will provide a glistening Christmas array of classic and modern Christmas songs.

Jultrad-i-ton, Hans Josefsson. Ingmar Jernberg

The ever helpful elves will serve mulled wine, ginger cookies and tangerines in the foyer, before the audience tip-toes into the salon to visit the musical Christmas world of Santa Claus. At the Main Square in Santaland, the Göteborg Opera Orchestra, Choir, Children's Choir, Brunnsbo music school and dancers from the Ballet Academy have gathered to create a very special kind of Christmas magic together with soloists Malena Tuvung and soprano Annalena Persson. As everyone knows, Christmas is the season of surprises and this is also true at the Göteborg Opera Main Stage. Secret guests will suddenly appear and no one is safe from the friendly tricks of the little elves...

Join us for a night of music, enchantment and sing-a-longs!

The Göteborgs Opera Jultrad-i-ton 2007.
Jultrad-i-ton 2007. Ingmar Jernberg

Special Menu for Jultrad-i-ton

Toast Skagen with herb and onion salad, and dill oil

Tenderised sirloin steak with pommes Anna, oven-baked red onion and red wine sauce flavoured with thyme

Sek 349.00

Children’s Buffet

Breaded Plaice

French fries
Boiled potatoes

Hamburger dressing
Remoulade sauce
Salad with tomato and cucumber


Sek 99.00


The Göteborg Opera Restaurant Tel. 031 - 13 13 00.

Watch a movie when the children's choir rehears.


  • Genre: Concert
  • Season: 2011/2012
  • First show: 17 Dec 2011
  • Last show: 20 Dec 2011
  • Location:

    Main Stage

  • Length: aprox 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Takes part

Conductor   Jakob Hultberg
Father Santa Claus   Hans Josefsson
Mother Santa Claus   Gunilla Olsson Karlsson
Soloist   Annalena Persson
Soloist   Malena Tuvung
The Göteborg Orchestra
The Göteborg Chorus
The Göteborg Children Chours
The music classes from Brunnsbo
The Ballet Academy
Secret guests