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I do, I do

I do, I do

Musical theatre by Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones.
New Swedish lyrics by Ulricha Johnson.

A musical theatre about a marriage by Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones for everybody who is married, has been married, is going to get married or knows somebody who is married!

The musical takes place in a bedroom, around a double bed, during 50 years of time! In the beginning (1950) we share the young couple Agnes and Michael's expectations and nervousness before the wedding, then we follow them into the bedroom. We stay there for 50 years, until it is time for the aging couple to move to something smaller.
The songs are a string of pearls mixed with spoken scenes with witty and playful dialogue. The music is very accessible and it is likely that quite a few songs will stay on the mind of many in the audience after the performance.

SKÖVDE STAGE 10-19 September, and 13-29 October.
Ticket price: SEK 200
The performance at the Skövde Stage will be given at daytime, 13, 20 and 27 October, including a lighter lunch. Price: SEK 270.

SMALL STAGE 3-14 November.
Ticket price: SEK 200
There will be two daytime performances, 4 and 10 November. The café will be open in connection with the performance.

Music by Harvest Schmidt
Book and Lyrics by Tom Jones
Based on The Fourposter by Jan de Hartog
Originally produced on Broadway by David Merrick
Originally Directed by Gower Champion
New Swedish translation by Ulricha Johnson

Presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Limited on behalf of Music Theatre International of New York.


Lars Hjertner

Mia Ringblom-Hjertner

Sven-Eric Dahlberg
Rickard Åström

Med reservation för eventuella ändringar.


Med Reventberg

Sven-Eric Dahlberg

Scenografi & Kostym
Astrid Ljungberg Jernblad

Ulricha Johnson

Joakim Brink

Hans Tjernberg

Mask & peruk
Anna Carlberg

Sven-Eric Dahlberg
Richard Åström


  • Genre: Musical
  • Season: 2004/2005
  • First show: 10 Sep 2004
  • Last show: 30 Nov 2004
  • Location:

    Skövde Stage, Skövde

  • Length: Approx. 2 hrs 30 min, 1 interval
  • Info:Skövde Stage, Göteborg Small Stage and on tour