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Mrs Mozart

Premiere September 25, 2010 at the Skövde stage.

Opera. Meet Mrs Mozart; a complex woman with good business sense and passion for life. Her long and exciting life after the tragic death of her husband is portrayed in a completely new musical theatre production.

A musical theatre production in two acts.

Carolina sandgren, Fru Mozart

Who was Mrs Mozart? Daughter of a thoroughly musical family who married the darling of the gods, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and who was then widowed and left with young children before she had even turned thirty. A shrewd woman who organised the heritage of her husband, ensuring that his masterpieces were saved for the future. A passionate woman who found new love with a Danish diplomat and then moved to Copenhagen.

Göran Gademan, The Göteborg Opera dramaturg, has written a musical theatre production where we get to meet a very exciting woman, Mrs Constanze Mozart, and partake in her long and multifaceted life (1762–1842). He has gone through countless articles and literature that describe both Constanze and the world she lived in and listened to large variety of recordings by famous and lesser known composers in order to be able to create the right atmosphere for the piece. The final music arrangement has been carefully selected to accurately portray the époque Constanze lived in and is composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself, Franz Schubert, Carl Maria von Weber and the Mozart couple’s youngest son Xavier Mozart, among others.

The red-blooded Constanze Mozart, née Weber, later to become Nissen, is played by Göteborg Opera soprano Carolina Sandgren, who has performed in a large number of Mozart roles in the past. She brings with her both a pianist and a clarinet player on a tour of the smaller stages of the region. The production is directed by The Göteborg Opera soloist Iwar Bergqwist, who has both written and directed a large number of productions both in Sweden and internationally.

Fru Mozart on tour.

Oct 13 / Sexdrega / 0704-10 62 90
Oct 14 / Dalstorp / 070-2041275
Oct 16 / Ö Frölunda / 0325-303 65
Oct 20 / Bokenäs / 0522-65 00 05
Oct 22 / Årås Kvarn / 0321-330 20
Oct 23 / Ambjörnarp / 0325-601 75
Oct 27 / Nödinge / 0303-33 02 16
Oct 30 / Vrångö / 0706-87 50 02
Oct 3 / Sätila / 0301-421 12
Nov 3 / Sventorp / 0768-46 48 42
Nov 4 / Vreten / 0500-45 60 52
Nov 6 / Kungshamn / 0523-66 46 54

Nov 9 / Hjo / 0503-105 90
Nov 10 / Torsö / 0501-212 48
Nov 13 / Grolanda / 0705-23 31 94
Nov 17 / Åmål / 0532-139 80
Nov 18 / Steneby / 0702-71 78 62
Nov 20 / Vårgårda / 0322-62 06 24
Nov 24 / Trollhättan / 0520-42 25 00
Nov 25 / Strömstad / 0526-623 30
Nov 27 / Lugnås / 0501-403 30
Dec 1 / Hjärtum / 0706-55 01 72
Dec 3 / Ljungstorp / 0511-606 79
Dec 4 / Rackeby / 0510-160 28

The Mozart Letters

W.A. Mozart in a letter to his father Leopold in 1781 where he requests permission to marry Constanze Weber.

The middle child, my dear, sweet Constanze, is the martyr of the family. It is probably due to this that she is the most warm-hearted, intelligent, in short the best of them all. She is not ugly, but at the same time far from beautiful. Her entire beauty is contained in her small black eyes and her beautiful figure. She is not quick, but has enough common sense to be able to fulfil her responsibilities as a wife and mother. That she is extravagant is an utter lie. In fact she is used to wearing ill-fitting clothes, because anything her mum has done for her daughters has been done for the others and never for Constanze. It is true that she would like proper and good clothes, but nothing too flashy. Most everything a woman needs she can make herself and she arranges her own hair every day. And she has the best heart of anyone in the world, my Constanze. I love her and she loves me with all her heart. What else could I possibly wish for in a wife?

A short note from W.A. Mozart to a pregnant Constanze Mozart after leaving home early in the morning while she was still sleeping, 1783.

Good morning, my dearest little wife! I hope you had a good sleep, that nothing disturbed you, that you didn’t get out of bed too quickly, that you haven’t caught a cold, that you don’t bend or stretch too much, that the servants don’t make you angry. Don’t worry about anything in the household until I return. Just make sure nothing happens to you! I will be back at six.

Letter from Constanze Mozart in 1799 to music publishers Breitkopf & Härtel.

As I have not received any reply from you, it is obvious that you will not acquiesce to my conditions. I therefore have to tell you one last time (even though this should not be necessary) that, even if I would have liked to continue our business relationship, I see no other choice but to sell my husband’s entire musical inheritance at the end of this year.

Letter from Constanze Nissen to her eldest son Carl Mozart in 1826. She describes her second husband Georg Nicolaus Nissen’s efforts to create a grand biography of Mozart.

He buries himself under piles of books and magazines day and night – piles high enough that I can barely see him. It would be nigh to impossible to find a better advocate for Mozart than him – there is no end to the effort he is willing to make. I worry about all the letters he now has to write; they and all the other work he’s undertaken can ruin his health which until now, thank God, has been good... Tears come to my eyes as I write this.

Swedish translation: Göran Gademan


  • Genre: Opera
  • Season: 2010/2011
  • First show: 25 Sep 2010
  • Last show: 4 Dec 2010
  • Location:

    On tour

  • Info:Skövdescenen and on tour in the region

Role list

Mrs. Mozart   Carolina Sandgren


Director   Iwar Bergkwist
Set design   Thomas Johansson
Costume design   Eva-Carin Sjöholt
Light design   Joakim Brink


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