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Freud’s Cigar

Musical. Are you attracted to the wrong people? Does your wife look like your mother? Are your instincts untamed? Do you want answers to why? Come and lie down on Freud’s couch.

Premiere October 29, 2012.

Freud's cigarr is the composer and lyricist Jan-Erik Sääf’s tenth musical. In a warm, witty and humorous way, the legendary psychotherapist Sigmund Freud’s theories are presented in the form of musical theatre. Freud, who lived in Vienna in the 1890s, dared to seek explanations about the human subconscious in a way that no one had done before. The production Freud's cigarr had its first performance at Boulevardteatern (The Boulevard Theatre) in Stockholm in 2009 and became an enormous success with the public. In the role of Sigmund Freud we see and hear Jonas Nerbe, actor, singer and artistic director of Stockholms MusikTeater. He is accompanied by three musicians.

“Freuds cigarr is amongst the coolest things to be seen at the theatre just now” wrote Svenska Dagbladet after the premier, “Jonas Nerbe is completely convincing in the role of Freud with a glint in the eye” wrote Dagens Nyheter.

Jan-Erik Sääf and Jonas Nerbe have collaborated previously in the musicals Me, William and Erik, both productions by Stockholms MusikTeater. Jan-Erik Sääf’s compositions stretch across several genres such as opera, musicals, oratorios, songs and symphonic works. He has also worked in film, television, ballet and children’s theatre.

Freuds cigarr, Jonas Nerbe (Sigmund Freud)
Freuds cigarr, Jonas Nerbe (Sigmund Freud)
Freuds cigarr, Jonas Nerbe (Sigmund Freud)
Freuds cigarr, Jonas Nerbe (Sigmund Freud)


  • Genre: Musical
  • Season: 2011/2012
  • premiere: 29 Oct 2011
  • Last show: 26 Nov 2011
  • Location:

    Skövde Stage, Skövde


Script and music   Jan-Erik Sääf
Direction and light design   Andreas Boonstra
Scenografi och kostymdesign    Åsa Berglund Cowborn

Takes part

Sigmund Freud    Jonas Nerbe
Minna/Freuds mother   Sara Kihlman Wibe
Anders Holtz (Kapellmästare), Sara Kihlman Wibe, Lauri Antila