Foyer concerts

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  • 23 feb25 apr 2020, The Göteborg Opera Foyer.

Free admission

Foyer concerts

A few Saturdays every season, musicians and singers from the Göteborg Opera present concerts in the foyer. Free admission.

Foyer concerts start at 12.30pm and take place on Saturdays if nothing else is stated. The café opens at 11.30am on Saturdays.

Information about upcoming concerts will be published here around 2 weeks before each performance.

Sunday 23 February, 12.30pm

Viennese classics! 

Musicians from the Göteborg Opera perform Beethoven’s ’Septet in E-flat Major’ and ’Quintet for Oboe and String Quartet in F minor’ by Antonín Reicha. 

Musicians: Geoffrey Cox, Øyvor Volle, Karin Berggren, Magnus Pehrsson, Patrik Harryson, Frida Grinne, Helena Nyman Panovsky, Sebastian Wagner, Philip Foster.

Past performances

29 Sept
Music by Schubert, Brahms, Loewe and Wolf.

The most beautiful songs in German novel art interpreted by Anders Lorentzson, bass barytone and Ruth Pergament, piano.

27 Oct
Russian Romance

Beautiful Russian romances by Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Belyayev, Bulachov, Solovjev-Sedoj, and Fomin.

With Russian tenor Nikolaj Giljov, pianist Olga Pending, and concert leader Antonina Shypotilo. 

23 November
Chamber music from three centuries

Chamber music from the 18th century by Mozart (Austria), from the 20th century by Ginastera (Argentina) and from the  21st century by Saglietti (Italy).

Participating: Øyvor Volle (violin), Karin Berggren (violin), Hanne Skjelbred (viola), Patrik Harryson (violoncell), Håvard Lysebo (flute) och Philip Foster (horn).

10 December
Jubilee Concert to Sven-Eric Johansson’s memory

Pieces by Sven-Eric Johanson (1919–1997):

GöteborgsOpera’s Youth Chorus
Conducted by Ida Rosén Hamrå

Rilke Songs
Anna Lilja, soprano
Tina Ljungqvist, flute
Karin Berggren, violin
Heather Levenstein, viola
Kerstin Anderson, cello

Extract from the opera Dinize
Tiina Markkanen, soprano
Daniel Ralphsson, tenor
Mats Persson, baritone
Karin Birgersson, piano

18 January
Poulenc, Pilss & Danzi

Chamber music by Francis Poulenc, Karl Pilss and Franz Danzi. 

Performing: Tina Ljungkvist (flute), Geoffrey Cox (oboe), Helena Nyman-Panofsky (clarinet), Philip Foster (horn), Sebastian Wagner (bassoon) and Rut Pergament (piano).

Upcoming shows

February 2020

Sun 23/2
The Göteborg Opera Foyer 
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March 2020

Sat 14/3
The Göteborg Opera Foyer 
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April 2020

Sat 25/4
The Göteborg Opera Foyer 
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