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Experimental Battle + Jam

Dance. Do not miss this! For the first time at the Göteborg Opera – Experimental Battle + Jam. Free admission! (Seating limited)

May 27th, 12pm–4pm on the Small Stage

Presented by the Göteborg Opera in collaboration with the Twisted Feet Dance Company.


– Won World Championship in breaking and Hip Hop with the group Wanted from Paris. He also has a part in the new Streetdance 3D movie.

Slow Motion Phax
– Known from the TV program “Talang”. He has worked with everything from dance and theater performances at Angered theater to theaters in Paris, Mexico and Egypt. He is also participating in Twisted Feet’s performance Wall Street.

Cortes Rayco Cano
– Dancer in the Göteborg Ballet and artistic director and mentor for NUdans, the Göteborg Opera’s season-based dance company with dance students from Sweden's professional dance schools.

DJ: DJ Combat and DJ K.Sun

Host: (to be announced)

To compete:
Sign up with Monica Milocco:
Note: Maximum of 30 contestants.

What does a Battle/Jam look like?
Have a look at these videos from Gothenburg City Jam 2010.

First time at a Battle / Jam?

How it works:
A battle is a contest which may be in groups, pairs or one on one. In this case there will be one on one. We have chosen a category - experimental - which is a "broad" category, which also reflects the dance's development, both in street and modern dance.

Who will compete?
It is open for anyone to compete. We have set a maximum number of 30 contestants. Who competes with whom is decided through a lottery.

What does the scene look like?
The Small stage will be an open Black Box. In the middle of the scene is the Battle-ground and to one side the three judges are sitting. The spectators and other contestants are sitting and standing around. There are also two dance floors on the sides where you can dance between the competitions or just warm up when you need.

How does the contest work?
You start with casting contests that is about 3 minutes. It starts with one contestant who shows who they are and what they can. Then the other dancer (the opponent) does the same thing. The three judges determine directly who wins that particular battle. It then goes into the quarter finals, semi finals and finals. At some point during the competition the judges will each do a solo performance.


  • Genre: Dance
  • Season: 2012/2013
  • First show: 27 May 2012
  • Last show: 27 May 2012
  • Location:

    Small Stage