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“Tha dancers are fantastic” Swedish Radio

Dust to dust

Dance under the skin. Stoic by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Swedish premiere for Solo Echo by Crystal Pite. 

”So damn brilliant that it makes you weak at the knees”Borås Tidning
”Expansive, masterful dance”Göteborgs-Posten
”It’s very beautiful.”Alba
”The dancers are fantastic”Swedish Radio (SR)

After-talk Saturday 8 Dec, 8.40-9.10 pm

Right after the show on December 8 there will be an after-talk with the dancers on the main stage. Then you get the possibility to ask questions and share your thoughts about the show. Be sure to book tickets for this evening if you want to learn more about the two works and the dance company. Artistic director Katrín Hall will lead the after-talk.

Stoic, by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

Stoic, trailer
Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
Mats Bäcker

The awards just keep coming for the Belgian-Moroccan choreographer Sidi Larbi CherkaouiHe’s been awarded Chroeographer of the Year by Tanz three times, is nominated for Faust 2018 and in November, he’ll receive the European Prize New Theatrical Realities on what is commonly known as the Oscar Academy Awards Gala of European Performing Arts. This fall, he was also nominated for the MTV Music Awards for the choreography for Beyoncé’s/The Carters’ video "Apeshit". Meanwhile, dance companies all around the world invite him to create new pieces exclusively for them. He’s now writing the third chapter in the collaboration with GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, which began with the airy "Noetic" (2014) and the earthy "Icon" (2016).

In a vast library, where time seems to have frozen, life goes on in the deluded assumption that nothing will ever change. People come here to find some quiet, or to live their decadent lives. They are self-absorbed, seeking constant recognition, and they fill their lives with things and addictions in the pursuit of inner peace. But most of all, they yearn to be understood. Nobody listens to anyone else when everyone is busy trying to present themselves in the best way.

The monochrome grey library, an iconic work of art by the Belgian visual artist Hans Op de Beeck, is a counterweight to the people’s anxiety and eagerness. It’s neutral, does not behave or respond; it’s stoic. A still life; a frozen moment with time for reflection. There is scope for seeking what may heal. The music plays a key role in this quest. 

Arabic vocals, Congolese music and Japanese percussion are interwoven by composer Felix Buxton of the electronic duo Basement Jaxx, to create the innovative and universal whole that is the hallmark of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.

"Stoic" is a co-production with Eastman. 

Stage rehearsals for Stoic
We’re in a time when openness is shrinking and borders are closing. If anything, my dream is that people will dare to connect with one another again. Sure it goes with burning your fingers – not every single being is a nice person – but that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong way to go. In fact it’s the right way to go. To never stop being curious about, believing or trusting in other people. Stoic is trying to break those boundaries again.Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
Studio rehearsals for Stoic

Solo Echo, by Crystal Pite

Solo Echo, trailer

Crystal Pite
Michael Slobodian

Love, loss and acceptance are at the heart of Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite’s stunning dance piece "Solo Echo".

Crystal Pite is very selective about the dance companies she works with. In her first encounter with GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, she gives them "Solo Echo", created in 2012 for the Nederlands Dans Theater, where she is associate choreographer.

"Solo Echo" was inspired by two sonatas for cello and piano by Johannes Brahms, and the poem "Lines for Winter" by Mark Strand. As in Strand’s poem, "Solo Echo" invokes winter, music, and the moving body to express something essential about acceptance and loss.

This summer, Crystal Pite was elected Choreographer of the Year by the prestigious Tanz Magazine. The motivation was: “Whether in Paris, London, Zurich or Toronto, the Canadian choreographer transforms the crises of today into highly evocative dance forms; to works of art created in the spirit of humanity.”


Regular introduction

Take the chance to learn more about the production and what inspired the chorographer in the creation process. The introductions are popular, so come early. They take place on the Small Stage  an hour before the performance (not, however on premiere). It does not cost anything extra, your ticket is valid for entry. The introduction takes about 30 minutes.

Physical introductions

GöteborgsOperans Danskompani now offers the participatory format of physical introduction to all interested in deepening their insight into the company’s performances. Physical introductions are held in English.

Open for everyone, these 1 hour physical explorations are a way of entering and experiencing various choreographic approaches, movement principles and aesthetic signatures. The physical engagement of audience members allows for a different perceptual contact with the performance, inviting the participants to connect and experiment within the physical (rather than just the visual) perspectives various works embody.

Led by the dancers of the company, physical introductions extend the performing space into a participatory, experiential environment, creating possibilities for a multitude of personal sensorial insights and exchanges. We invite all the interested participants to join us. Comfortable clothes and shoes advisable but not obligatory.

Free entry with ticket, limited number of places – max. 60 people per occasion.

Book your ticket here

Dates for the physical introductions for Solo Echo:

  •     Wednesday 17 October, 5.45—6.30pm
  •     Sunday 28 October, 4.45—5.30pm
  •     Saturday 8 December, 4.45—5.30pm
  •     Wednesday 12 December, 5.45—6.30pm
Watch a video about physical introductions
The format is created and practiced by the MA Contemporary Dance Education (MA CoDE) at Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main. With the aim to remain in close collaboration and to foster further development of the format it is handed over by Prof. Ingo Diehl and Anja Bornsek for facilitation puposes to GöteborgsOperans Danskompani.

World premiere/ Swedish premiere 12 Oct 2018
9 performances, runs until 14 december.


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