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Crazy Mixmas

Dance. Successful with audiences and critics alike, La La Land and The Outskirts return, accompanied by a creation by Fernando Melo. Premiere December 6th at 7pm.

La La Land
La La Land by Alexander Ekman and Medhi WalerskiUban Jörén
The Outskirts by Jo Strømgren
The Outskirts by Jo StrømgrenUban Jörén

In a playful programme of dance that includes irony, eccentricity and spoken dialogue, La La Land and The Outskirts are returning. Both have been created specially for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, and both have had an enthusiastic reception from critics and audience alike. They are now being performed together for the first time. In Crazy Mixmas they will be in the company of Tending to Fall, a creation by Fernando Melo.

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La La Land

Dance piece by Alexander Ekman and Medhi Walerski

The intoxicating joy of La La Land has, ever since its world premiere in 2010, been a highly praised part of the dance company's touring programme.

Welcome to the right hemisphere of your brain! Welcome to no-man´s land and Nirvana: La La Land investigates what happens when the here and now is the only reality.

In Ekman/Walerski's playful La La Land we meet a group of people on a self-help course. They use therapeutic exercises to try to find ways of becoming "better people". The two choreographers blend dance and spoken dialogue, giving an unerring, humorous portrayal of the human struggle towards development. The music is a collage of influences including Chopin, Puccini and Akron/Family.

Alexander Ekman och Medhi Walerski
Alexander Ekman och Medhi WalerskiUrban Jörén
"Great dance art – yes, absolutely unforgettable." Dagens Nyheter
"Fun, surprising and enjoyable." Göteborgs-Posten
"A homage to play and the imagination." Svenska Dagbladet
"A great smile spreads through the audience." Göteborgs-Tidningen

The Outskirts

Dance piece by Jo Strømgren

Strømgren's The Outskirts (2011) drew the following comment, among others, from the critics: “A real hit. Strømgren’s The Outskirts is the best thing to come from his ingenious mind.”

In his own characteristic way, Strømgren cross-pollinates dance with theatre, and seriousness with absurd humour, this time in a slightly grotesque urban atmosphere. Strømgren's genial, sometimes laconic, understatements give The Outskirts a poetic depth somewhere between laughter and tears.

Jo Strømgren
Jo Strømgren
“Immensely successful. Strømgren’s The Outskirts is the best thing to emerge from that ingenious mind of his.”
"It is great fun to look through a large pane of glass at the activities of the Gustafsson couple." Svenska Dagbladet
"A good laugh worth having!" Göteborg Daily

Tending to Fall

Creation by Fernando Melo

This evening a creation by Fernando Melo spans the space between the playful La la land and The Outskirts: Tending to Fall about humanity's tendency to pass on knowledge and retain customs originating in the past. Tending to Fall is the third time Fernando Melo has collaborated with opera director, stage designer and costume creator Patrick Kinmonth. In 2010, they created the dance The Guest House and, in 2011, Fountain for the State Theatre in Munich, both of which gained critical acclaim. The music in Tending to Fall is composed by Patrick Kinmonth.

Fernando Melo's early thoughts about the work:

Nothing is permanent apart from change. The transience of everything around us creates an impression of conclusion, death or non-existence. However, traditions appear to be humanity's legacy and can be given expression through art, culture, concepts of belief, literature, architecture etc. Tending to Fall is a performance inspired by the very human endeavour to pass on skills and keep hold of inherited customs.

Fernando Melo
Fernando Melo ChoreographerCamilla Simonson

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  • Genre: Dance
  • Season: 2012/2013
  • premiere: 6 Dec 2012
  • Last show: 2 Jan 2013
  • Location:

    Main Stage


Choreography   Fernando Melo
Set design, Costume design and music   Patrick Kinmonth
Music arrangement   Bernard Matracki
Light design   David Stokholm
Percussion   Fredrik Tiger, Fredrik Duvling
Boy soprano   Philip Holmberg
Child   Theo Lundell
GöteborgsOperans Danskompani


Choreography, text, direction, set design, light design,   Jo Strømgren
Costume design   Bregje van Balen
Music   Evert Taube, Giacomo Puccini, Camille Saint-Saëns, Viljo Vesterinen
GöteborgsOperans Danskompani


Choreography, set design and costume design   Alexander Ekman
Choreography, set design and costume design   Medhi Walerski
Music   Frédéric Chopin, W A Mozart, Vincenzo Bellini, Akron/Family, Bernard Matracki
Light design   Joakim Brink
Pianist   Bernard Matracki
GöteborgsOperans Danskompani