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Chess in Swedish

Musical. An updated version of the national treasure Chess in Swedish by director Mira Bartov.

Chess the success - extra ticket release!

The musical Chess in Swedish has played for full houses at The Göteborg Opera during the fall - nearly 60,000 have already seen it. Therefore we give five extra shows during the spring!

On Wednesday Dec 12 at noon, we release the tickets to the extra performances: the 27th of February and the 19th, 24th, 26th and 27th of March.

Watch a movie clip from Chess in Swedish

"A fantastic production. It makes you shiver with delight." Ny Tid
"An exuberant theatrical profusion of imaginative riches." Dagens Nyheter
"Fantastic soloists." SVT Kulturnyheterna
"A fabulous, spectacular première production."
"Get down there and listen for yourselves!" Dagens Nyheter
"I intend going to see it again, it is just so good."

Using the graphic style of the comic world, the production team creates an updated version of this national gem. With today’s surveillance society as a dramatic metaphor for the cold war, we zoom in on a televised chess championship. The two chess players Freddie and Anatoly represent polar opposites: one voluntarily revels in attention, and the other is subject to enforced surveillance. Anatoly’s wife Svetlana is the woman who looks after everything, but loses her husband, while Freddie’s girlfriend Florence represents the free woman who has everything, but has lost her own self. Over the course of a few turbulent days, these four lives are turned upside down. Once the championship is over, none of the characters is the same as before the first move was made. Director Mira Bartov made her international debut as a director in 2010 at the Geneva Opera. Conductor Anders Eljas arranged the music for Chess and directed the London Symphony Orchestra both for the album recording and during the European tour of 1984.

Conductor Anders EljasPhoto: Camilla Simonson
Director and choreographer Mira BartovPhoto: Camilla Simonson

Watch photos from the performance

Watch a movie clip from the cast's appearance at Liseberg

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  • Genre: Musical
  • Season: 2012/2013
  • premiere: 8 Sep 2012
  • Last show: 27 Mar 2013
  • Location:

    Main Stage

  • Length: 2 hours and 40 minutes, including 1 interval.


Conductor   Anders Eljas
Conductor   Bjorn Dobbelaere
   Alexander Hanson
Direction and choreography   Mira Bartov
Set and light design   Kristin Bredal
Costume design   Anna Ardelius
Sound design   Andreas Renhorn
Choreography assistant   Liana Norton
Light design assistant   Joakim Brink

Takes part

Anatoly   Philip Jalmelid
Florence   Evelyn Jons
Florence (from march 5th)   Sara Englund
Freddie   Christopher Wollter
Svetlana   Nina Pressing
   Johan Schinkler
Judge   Henrik Rongedal
Judge   Magnus Rongedal
Ensemble   Sara Englund, Karin Funk, Karolin Funke, Nikolaj Giljov, Marie-Louise Granström, Karolina Krigsman, Simon Laufer, Marcus Liljedahl, Michelle Sjo Lønne, Øyvind Boye Løvold, Mio Netzler, Ellinor Nilsson, Elisabeth Hammersbøen Rustad, Petter Snive, Nikas Säwström, Camilla Sörman, Björn Thudén, Sven Törnell, Anna Werner, Partik Wirefeldt, Jonas Wåhlin, Sami Yousri, Björn Åhlander
Children Extras   Alt: Robin Bergqvist, Neo Chenon Gårdlöw, Viktor Larsson, Hedvig Kallhed Brakel, Beda Odlöw Nyberg, Clara Stokholm
Acrobats   Luis Eduardo Manoel, Patryk Markowski
The Göteborg Opera Chorus
The Göteborg Opera Orchestra


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