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The first programme of dance for the spring season is more than just a ballet. It is full of totally new ideas and is something quite unique.

In these two world premieres the interface between dancers and orchestra, between stage and auditorium, disappear.

You will be captivated by the newly composed music and the innovative use of sound and video. Body+Soul is a totally new dance experience.

wind around my heart
by Regina van Berkel.
Physical capacity is taken to its limits, as the choreographer looks at the forces that make our bodies move instinctively.

Newly composed music by Gerard Brophy.
Conductor: B Tommy Andersson.
Choreography/Costumes: Regina van Berkel.
Scenography/Lighting/Video projection: Dietmar Janeck.
Göteborgs Opera Orchestra.

Breeding Spaces
by Daniela Kurz
Sound, light, images and the dancing take us forward into what may be a new evolutionary stage."All living organisms originate and develop in the watermedium as pneus, i.g as dynamic systems filled with water and enclosed by a membran genetically controlled they change their shape and size - they grow, divide and reproduce" unknown

Daniela Kurz started her ballet training at the John Cranko School and at the Ronecker School of Ballet in Stuttgart and studied literature and art history. While studying, she created her first choreographic works, including a piece for the Noverre Society in Stuttgart. There has been a continuous collaboration between Daniela Kurz and the Stuttgart Ballet, she created many choreographies for that company and its famous solo dancers such as Marica Haydée, Birgit Keil and Richard Cragun. She was guesting as a choreographer with renowned companies, such as the Basler Ballett, the Ballett des Saarlaendischen Staatstheaters Saarbruecken, the Berner Ballett and the aalto ballett theater in Essen. In 1993, Daniela Kurz founded the ensemble TrANZFORM, which has performed at numerous dance festivals. In addition, she also worked as a director for music theatre. Since September 1998, Daniela Kurz has been Artistic Director of the Tanztheater Nuremberg. She received various awards, among them the Staatliche Foerderpreis for young artists in Bavaria and the Bayerische Theaterpreis

Choreography: Daniela Kurz. Scenography: Frank Albert.
Costumes: Daniela Kurz and Frank Albert.
Video projection: Marco Barsottini, Lorenzo Sarti.
maya editing: Federica Grigoletto
Lighting: Daniela Kurz and Frank Albert


wind around my heart av Regina van Berkel, världspremiär
Nykomponerad musik av Gerard Brophy (1953)

Dirigent B Tommy Andersson
Koreograf och kostym Regina van Berkel
Scenograf och ljusdesign Dietmar Janeck
GöteborgsOperans Orkester

BREEDING SPACES av Daniela Kurz, världspremiär

Koreograf Daniela Kurz
Scenograf Frank Albert
Kostym Daniela Kurz och Frank Albert
Videoprojektioner Marco Barsottini och Lorenzo Sarti
Ljusdesign Frank Albert och Daniela Kurz

One of the most original evenings of dance.By Kevin Irving, Ballet Director

Body + Soul is going to be one of the most original evenings of dance I have ever programmed – of that I am quite sure. What is especially exciting about this performance is that both of the choreographers invited to create it – Daniela Kurz Choreographer and Director of Tanztheater Nuernberg and Regina Van Berkel from Frankfurt – are investing in new ways to broaden the experience of dance for the public. Whether you like dance and the ballet or not, whether you are interested in new music or not – whatever your expectations are when you come to the opera house, you are going to be surprised by the bold performance “Body + Soul”.

“Body + Soul” came about as a result of my wish to have an evening of dance especially created for us by two choreographers that I admire very much – each one for different reasons.
Regina Van Berkel and Daniela Kurz are both pioneers in dance and each one has a unique approach - resulting in critical acclaim for groundbreaking creations. It is a fantastic event to work with both of these dynamic women in one dance performance. The idea that I presented to Regina and Daniela for this evening of dance was what I referred to at the time as “Nature/Nurture” – exploring through dance the scientific debate concerning whether environment or inheritance (i.e. genetic makeup) is fundamentally responsible for determining human character and experience.
I wondered if it was possible to explore such an idea in our very special language of movement and theater and I imagined a dance performance that would express something about the human experience. “Body + Soul”, which grew out of that original idea, is the product of the imaginations of two of the most exciting artists working in dance today!

Regina is already familiar to everyone who saw our performance “PUSH!2” at Röda Sten in May of 2005. Her ballet “mindspace” was the key element in our ambitious project there and symbolized the multiple possibilities that exist between dance and environment. One thing that is really special about Regina’s work is that her dances leave the viewer with the sense of having had an experience rather than having seen a performance.
For “Body + Soul” she is again collaborating with her husband Dietmar Janeck – who is responsible for the set and video design. Dietmar and Regina develop an overall atmosphere where the dance and the visual imagery are interwoven, where textures and colors are passed from one to the other and back again to create a living tapestry in movement.
Regina looked to the east and The Tibetan Book of the Dead for inspiration for this ballet which is very much full of life. She then approached the renowned Australian composer Gerard Brophy with the idea that he should compose something new for her creation with The Goteborg Ballet.

Brophy’s music is well known in his native country and has been played by important ensembles in Europe and North America as well. Van Berkel’s work for this program, “wind around my heart”, will feature 5 contra-bass players on stage among the dancers as well as a percussion section that has mastered the playing of authentic Tibetan “singing bowls” - beautiful handmade instruments that can be struck with a small mallet, or made to “sing’ by stroking the bowl’s rim. Brophy’s music (for large orchestra) is haunting and lovely – it’s thoroughly magical - and it will receive its first public performance when Body + Soul premieres on March 3rd. B. Tommy Andersson is conducting the Göyeborg Opera Orchestra. A generous gift of the Elisabeth Palmers Stiftelse made this new music possible for Regina’s “wind around my heart” – it has surely helped make this event even more special.

We introduce Daniela Kurz to Sweden with “Breeding Spaces” – the 2nd part of “Body + Soul”. Daniela has been horeographer and Director of Tanztheater Nuernberg since 1998 and her work there has gained her a wonderful reputation in Germany. We are very lucky that she has time in her busy production schedule to come and create for us.
Working with Frank Albert (who collaborates with Daniela on the sets and costumes) and video artist Marco Barsottini – Daniela has proposed a spectacle that is constantly evolving – something like a fantasy-full organic entity comprised equally of dancers and environment – both real and virtual. Video and sound montages react to the interventions of the dancers on stage to make each and every performance a unique theatrical event.
Starting perhaps with the scientific aspect of my original idea, Daniela has gotten further inspiration from Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto – who said: “The sea is a skin and, at the same time, a contemplative site. It is a surrounding location and also a borderline. When it dives into the body's inside, it becomes surface, a space for contemplation..” With Breeding Spaces Daniela uses an incredibly rich theatrical knowledge to bring these ideas alive on the stage.

Another extremely satisfying element in this performance will surely be the wonderful dancers themselves: the dancers of The Göteborg Ballet have never been stronger or more eager to meet the demands of choreography that is, essentially, made for them. They are a very diverse group, with lots of charisma and personality, and “Body + Soul” is going to be an excellent opportunity to appreciate just how good the ensemble is.

Kevin Irving, Ballet Director

© 2007 GöteborgsOperan


  • Genre: Dance
  • Season: 2006/2007
  • First show: 3 Mar 2007
  • Last show: 13 Apr 2007
  • Location:

    Main Stage

  • Length: approx. 2 h incl interval
  • Introduction:1 hour before performance, on the Small Stage. Not on premieres. Limited number of places.
  • Info:Göteborg Opera Main Stage