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Blue Planet, Planet Earth and Frozen Planet

  • Concert
  • 1517 may 2020, Main Stage.
  • Ensemble


    Produced by
    BBC Earth
    Music by
    George Fenton
    George Fenton
    Lars Hjertner
    The Göteborg Opera Orchestra

Blue Planet, Planet Earth and Frozen Planet

Discover the world! Film screening with the Göteborg Opera Orchestra.

Nature documentaries produced by BBC Earth. Music by George Fenton.

Narrated in Swedish.

The Göteborg Opera becomes a movie theatre when we show the BBC's multiple award-winning natural history TV series about the planet we live on.

George Fenton, composer of the Planet trilogy, is one of the UK’s most successful composers of motion picture soundtracks. He’s the genius behind the music of hundreds of films, with five Oscar nominations for Best Soundtrack. For the Planet trilogy, he was awarded an Emmy, BAFTA, Classic Brit and the Ivor Novello award. We are very proud to welcome him back to conduct the Göteborg Opera Orchestra!

The Blue Planet in Concert
15 May 2020, 7.00pm

We continue the journey with ”The Blue Planet”, an incomparable tale of our marine world where we travel to the deepest depths of the oceans.

Even though two thirds of the earth’s surface are covered with water, we know more about what the surface of the moon looks like than it does in the deepest parts of the ocean. ”The Blue Planet” takes us on an unforgettable journey. We visit coral reefs in the shallows, which are abundant with colourful life, to murky depths which have never before been visited by humans. 

The Blue Planet in Concert, trailer from BBC Earth

Planet Earth in Concert
16 May 2020, 6.00pm

”Planet Earth” is an unforgettable journey through the wildest and most beautiful parts of our planet. It mirrors the path of the sun’s journey over the continents. From the peaks of Nepal to the lush jungles of the Amazon. From the sand sculptures of the Sahara to the ice peaks of Antarctica and the North Pole.

”Planet Earth” took five years to create. The final result shows you the beauty of the animal kingdom, with everything from violent struggles to tender moments with our planet’s most loved, wildest and rarest creatures.

Planet Earth in Concert, trailer from BBC Earth

Frozen Planet in Concert
17 May 2020, 3.00pm

The third part, ”Frozen Planet”, is the ultimate polar expedition. It depicts the harsh conditions of life in the Antarctic and Arctic regions in a thorough portrayal of the distant and isolated polar regions, which are our planet’s largest, least-explored wildernesses.

Follow us on a fascinating journey, with unique sequences of the tender love-life of polar bears, the cooperation of killer whales, wolves hunting for food and the penguin’s shrewdness. The film crew used the latest camera technology to capture life in the polar region as you have never seen it before, and may never see again …

Frozen Planet in Concert, trailer from BBC Earth

BBC Earth is a trademark of the British Broadcasting Corporation and is used under licence. Produced in association with BBC Studios.
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