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3xBoléro spring-08

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"An absolute hit! A knock-out evening." DN
"Refreshing, fun and well staged." GP
"Serious, joyous and imaginative." GT
"An evening that has the audience leaving the Göteborg Opera happy and smiling." SvD
"Coming from Stockholm , as I do, I can only admit to being green with envy." Expr/GT

3xBoléro is a collection of three dance and musical variations based on Maurice Ravel’s classic work, Bolero.

Three publicy acclaimed nordic choreographers are behind the two newly created work and the third which has been performed before.

The retiring Cullberg Ballet’s artistic director, Johan Ingers, created Walking Mad in 2001 for the legendary Netherlands dance company NDT. This is the first time Johan Inger has allowed an independent ballet company in Sweden to stage his work.

OreloB is Kenneth Kvarnström’s first creation after finishing as Director of Dansens Hus.

Alexander Ekman belongs to the younger generation of choreographers, and after a successful career as dancer, has been engaged as a choreographer by, amongst others, the NDT. Episode 17 is his first larger work performed in Sweden, and is a form of manga-inspired musical parody.


Walking Mad
Koreografi/scenografi/kostym: Johan Inger
Dirigent: Finn Rosengren
Musik: Bolero av Maurice Ravel och Für Alina av Arvo Pärt
Ljus: Erik Berglund

GöteborgsOperans Orkester

Orelob, Urpremiär
Koreografi: Kenneth Kvarnström
Kompositör: Jukka Rintamäki (inspelad musik)
Kostym: Helena Hörstedt
Scenografi/ljus: Jens Sethzman

Episode 17, Urpremiär
Koreografi/scenografi/kostym: Alexander Ekman
Musikarrangör: Bernard Matracki
Ljus: Joakim Brink
Musiker: Violin Dieter Schöning Viola Emil Jonasson
Slagverk Hans-Christian Green, Fredrik Andersson


  • Genre: Dance
  • Season: 2007/2008
  • First show: 26 Apr 2008
  • Last show: 3 Jun 2008
  • Location:

    Main Stage

  • Length: 2 h 10 min incl interval
  • Introduction:1 hour before performance, also on the premiere, on the Small stage. Limited number of places.
  • Info:The Göteborg Opera Main Stage