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1970 – the final concert

3–5 June 2020
  • Concert
  • 37 jun 2020, Main Stage.
  • Ensemble


    Conductor, concept and arrangement
    Hans Ek
    Anna Angela
    Trumpet soloist
    Susana Santos Silva
    Mariam Wallentin
    Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm
    Martin Hederos
    Ian Person
    Fredrik Sandsten
    The Göteborg Opera Choir
    The Göteborg Opera Orchestra

1970 – The Final Concert

The end of an era. With music by Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Miles Davis and more.

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The Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 was Jimi Hendrix’s last major performance. Three weeks later, he was dead. Not only was it Hendrix’s last concert, but also the end of an era. In 2020, we celebrate its 50th anniversary with a visual concert where the Isle of Wight Festival is a backdrop for a story of the 1960s.

In 1970, festival organizers expected around 150,000 visitors. According to The Guinness Book of World Records however, over 600,000 people attended, forcing the organizers to declare it a free festival.

Jimi Hendrix was the most prominent star of the event, but a long list of others dazzled the audience with their performances, including The Doors, Chicago, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Miles Davis and Joan Baez. “1970 – The Final Concert” includes them all, and many other great artists of the era.   

The conductor is Hans Ek, who in recent years has toured with E.S.T. Symphony and Bowie in Berlin, arranged and conducted German synth music with the Gothenburg Symphony. He has also recorded an album with Ane Brun and Jenny Wilson. In 2017, he enjoyed great success at the Göteborg Opera with  the concert 1967 which celebrated The Summer of Love.

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