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An Antechamber


Live dance installation. Since the beginning of December we have inhabited the draft lobby to the Opera foyer.

Despite its considerable size, this area is most often perceived as a kind of gate or channel and not as a proper room. It is a space between what happened before and what comes next.

The last few months we have investigated this space through improvisation. The motivation behind the choice of location is that this draft lobby, being the only audience-entrance to the building, creates an inevitable meeting between us and the general public. This allows us to observe what can happen if we peel away the traditional expectations and habits that create the role of performer and spectator.

The illusion of magic that the art of theatre can offer is taken care of deeper inside the building. What we do is something in between life and theatre, just like the space itself. 

We are changing the use of this space through our presence and our actions and bringing attention to everyday movements and sounds through abstracting them from their context - developing them into something else.

Is an audience who don’t know that there is a performance happening still an audience? And what does this situation make us as performers? 

Some passers-by choose to stay and observe. Others ignore us completely. Whatever choices they make, consciously or unconsciously, affect our improvisation. Their actions become ours, just like the space inspires our movement with its shape, its transparency and its acoustic properties.

People move past, and we move with them, walking, rushing, making gestures, sitting down and standing still. The only difference is that they are all on their way somewhere else, and we stay here. What happens when the people moving through this space acknowledge us as performers? Will the relationships be renegotiated? Will these meetings, these random collisions or connections have changed our perception of the space?

Through improvisation, composition and structure we have created a mass of movement that is constantly changing, developing, repeating and redefining itself. Our work is a symbiosis between specific improvisational tasks, the space itself and the people passing through it.

The acoustic aspect of movement is another feature that we have actively incorporated into our practice. No movement is possible to make without sound as a consequence and no sound can be produced without movement. We are using our surroundings to explore the contrasts between acoustic movement and deliberate silence and stillness.

Material is being created and renegotiated constantly, and a larger piece can be said to exist, consisting of all the improvisations and other representations of the work: two sound installations, a video installation and this text, put together. This expanded piece started as soon as we began practicing here in the beginning of December and will end in late February. The video recording and sound installations will stay in The Göteborg Opera foyer for a time after the 7th of February, and can be regarded as independent work or as extensions of the improvisations.

By Ingeborg Zackariassen

The origin of the ideas behind this project is based on a continuous collaboration between Johan Jutterström, Toby Kassell, Linda Olah and Ingeborg Zackariassen.

With Anna Altès, Janine Koertge, Heather Telford, David Wilde and Ingeborg Zackariassen

Video work Heather Telford

Sound-motion composition Johan Jutterström and Ingeborg Zackariassen

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Christina Nilssons Gata, 411 04 Göteborg
Telephone (switch) 031–10 80 00
Ticket office & Restaurant 031–13 13 00

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