Interval bookings


This information is for guests who will be attending one of our performances who wish to order food or drinks for the interval.

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Please note

Please note that we only accept bookings face to face in the foyer, at each respective service area. Neither the restauant, café or OperaBar accepts interval bookings via email or telephone.

New this season 2016/2017 is that you can pre-order your shrimp sandwich at the Opera Bar for the intermission. More information below.


The Göteborg Opera Café accepts interval bookings from when the café opens, which is 75 minutes before a show begins, until the start of the performance. Make your booking at our main café in the foyer on the ground floor. Your order will be prepared and waiting for you in the interval at a numbered place, as close to your auditorium seat as possble.


New this season 2016/2017 is that you can pre-order your shrimp sandwich at the Opera Bar for the intermission. Pre-ordering is available now  via our form for table reservations or by calling the restaurant at +46-31-131300. Payment is due at the time of the performance at the Opera Bar.

If you only want to order something to drink, you can do so directly at the bar.


For dinner guests who eat prior to the performance the restaurant offers you the opportunity to divide your meal, and eat dessert during the interval. Our head waiter therefore recommends that you make your interval booking 20-30 minutes before the performance begins – then they'll more easily be able to determine which tables are available.

The restaurant's interval menu is somewhat limited. If you want to see in advance what we offer, the menu is below. However, please note that we don't accept interval bookings via telephone or email.

the RestauranT interval menu

The Opera’s shrimp sandwich - with MSC certified shrimp on organic Danish rye bread with horseradish and lemon mayonnaise
SEK 198

The Opera’s vegetarian sandwich with goats cheese, provancale vegetables and kalamata olives.
SEK 189

“Sample the Opera” sample each starter and the chef's suggestion.
SEK 198


Whipped Waina ganash with cloudberry stuffed chocolate brownie and blackberry macaron.

SEK 98

Pineapple sorbet with toffee stuffed marshmallows, liquorish and roasted coconut crunch.
SEK 98

The Opera’s selection of organic cheese with accompaniments of the day.
SEK 149

Truffle with flavour of the day
SEK 49

The resturant's interval menu is not available for matinée performances

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Ticket office & Restaurant 031–13 13 00

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