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Lunch is served Monday to Friday 11.30-14.00. Salad, coffee, fruit and a piece of chocolate are always included in the price.

We support sustainable fishing, so we follow The Swedish Environmental Management Council's criteria for seafood. Not only that, but fish caught in Swedish waters are checked against the Swedish Species Information Centre's database, and of course we procure organic seafood when at all possible.

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Lunch menu, 23-27 February.

We have taken another step in our efforts toward better environmental sustainability and have excluded meat products from our lunch menu on Wednesdays.

Opera Lunch

Today's special (below) and dessert of the week

SEK 159


Pork noisette with green pepper sauce, potatoes fried raw and seared mushrooms and leek.

On Mondays sweets are included with coffee.

SEK 119


Cheese breaded MSC certified fillet of saithe with creamy chives risoni, buttered tomato bouillon flavoured with saffron, and pickled fennel.

SEK 119


MSC certified plaice roulades with shellfish sauce and baked potato tops flavoured with cheese.

SEK 119


Serrano wrapped organic chicken breast with creamy sage polenta, red wine sauce and arugula salad with sun-dried tomatoes and artichoke.

SEK 119


Beef casserole with red wine, bacon, red onion and organic oyster mushroom, served with pureed potatoes flavoured with butter fried fennel.

SEK 119

Dessert of the week

Chocolate mousse cylinder with meringue and berry coulis.

SEK 59

Vegetarian dish of the week

Goat cheese risotto with home-made spring roll with beets and balsamico, and salad with walnuts and honey dressing.

SEK 119

Salad of the week

Creamy organic buckwheat salad with vegetables, tarragon and smoked sliced salmon.

SEK 119

The Chef’s suggestion - Not served on Wednesdays

Beef steak stuffed with dijon mustard, cream cheese, pickles and parsley, served with potato cake flavoured with herbs, and black pepper jus.

SEK 149

Always available at the Opera

Fish and shellfish soup flavoured with saffron and star anis

SEK 129

The Opera’s shrimp sandwich - with MSC certified shrimp on organic Danish rye bread with horseradish and lemon mayonnaise

SEK 159

Home-made organic chocolate truffle.

SEK 29

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Opening hours

Lunch is served weekdays 11.30 am–14.00 pm.

Eat with a clean conscience

Since its inception, the Göteborg Opera Restaurant has placed a clear emphasis on developing its environmental philosophy. The environmental work performed has now been affirmed by the most prestigious environmental certification - the Nordic Ecolabel.

Choosing products marked with The Nordic Ecolabel is an easy way to save the world every day, one step at a time. #räddavärlden

Read more about our sustainability efforts here

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