Lunch menu.


Lunch is served Monday to Friday 11.30-14.00. Salad, coffee, fruit and a piece of chocolate are always included in the price.

We support sustainable fishing, so we follow The Swedish Environmental Management Council's criteria for seafood. Not only that, but fish caught in Swedish waters are checked against the Swedish Species Information Centre's database, and of course we procure organic seafood when at all possible.

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Lunch menu, 29 September-3 October.

Opera Lunch

Today's special (below) and dessert of the week

SEK 159


Ground game meat burger with roasted potatoes, juniper berry cream sauce, black currant jelly and sliced cucumber.

On Mondays sweets are included with coffee.

SEK 119


Organic chicken fillet “Provençale” with potatoes and root vegetables au gratin, sautéed paprika and red wine sauce.

SEK 119


Ground fish burger, “Wallenbergare”, with pureed potatoes, organic peas and melted butter.

SEK 119


White wine poached MSC certified fillet of haddock and ragout with brisket of beef and savoy cabbage, served with white wine.

SEK 119


Grilled organic Swedish pork sirloin, served with potato chips, smoked baked tomato and sauce Choron.

SEK 119

Dessert of the week

Apple cobbler with home-made vanilla sauce.

SEK 59

Vegetarian dish of the week

Indian lentil casserole with deep fried rice balls flavoured with chili and coriander, and papadum.

SEK 119

Salad of the week

Salad with blue cheese, roasted walnuts and honey.

SEK 119

The Chef’s suggestion

Veal liver “Anglais” with pureed potatoes flavoured with dijon mustard, and red wine sauce.

SEK 149

Always available at the Opera

Fish and shellfish soup flavoured with saffron and star anis

SEK 129

The Opera’s shrimp sandwich - with MSC certified shrimp on organic Danish rye bread with horseradish and lemon mayonnaise

SEK 159

Home-made organic chocolate truffle.

SEK 29

Group Menu

Parties of 20 or more are required for a group reservation.
Choose one of the menu options below for the entire group.

Blackened pork tenderloin with condiments du jour.

SEK 129

Grilled salmon fillet with condiments du jour.

SEK 129
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