Opera Bar menu.


Menu for The Opera Bar

2013 / 2014

Carpaccio with truffle crème, pine nuts and parmesan.

SEK 169

Blinis with whitefish roe, onion and sour cream.

SEK 169

Delicatessen Platter:
Serrano ham – Salami – Cheese – Vegetables – Bread
Small SEK 139 / Large SEK 189

Tallegio toast au gratin with tomato salsa.

SEK 159

The Opera’s shrimp sandwich - with MSC certified shrimp on organic Danish rye bread with horseradish and lemon mayonnaise

SEK 179

Dessert du jour.

SEK 98

Sorbet scoop.

SEK 39

Home-made chocolate truffle

SEK 49

The Opera Bar’s Special Offers

Blinis with whitefish roe, onion and sour cream and a glass of Delamotte Brut Champagne.

SEK 249

Opening hours

The CocktailBar opens an hour before a performance begins.

The OperaBar opens two hours before a performance begins. It is not open to the public on premiere evenings.

Orders in advance

If you wish to order refreshments for the interval you can do so an hour before the performance.

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