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Menu for The Opera Bar

2014 / 2015

The OperaBar opens 2 hours before the performance at the Gothenburg Opera's main stage. The kitchen closes 40 minutes before the performance starts.

Reservations for tonight's interval can be placed on site, from the Opera bar opens until the show starts.

The OperaBar has 30 bookable seats for diners before the performance on the main stage. Reservations can be made via our form for table reservations or our booking service on tel. 031-131300

The OperaBar is not open to the public on premiere evenings.

The Opera’s shrimp sandwich - with MSC certified shrimp on organic Danish rye bread with horseradish and lemon mayonnaise

1/2 SEK 139 - 1/1 SEK 179

The Opera’s risotto with Cep mushrooms, topped with basil and parmesan

SEK 219

Salad with duck rillette, pickled pumpkin, crispy apple and creamy chervil dressing.

SEK 179

Swedish fresh water whitefish roe on crispy fried potatoes with pickled onion, sour cream and lemon.

SEK 139

Beef tenderloin tartar with home-made mustard mayonnaise, deep-fried onion and caper berries

SEK 139


  • Serrano Ham
  • Salami
  • The Opera’s pickled vegetables
  • Marinated Manchego
  • Tapenade
  • Fourme d'ambert
  • Brillat Savarin
Sek 59/each

Chocolate truffle.

SEK 49

Sorbet scoop.

SEK 49

Crème Brûlée

SEK 65

Opening hours

The CocktailBar opens an hour before a performance begins.

The OperaBar opens two hours before a performance begins. It is not open to the public on premiere evenings.

Orders in advance

If you wish to order refreshments for the interval you can do so an hour before the performance.

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