Your Passion is Pure Joy to Me


Dansverk av Stijn Celis.

More, more, Stijn Celis for the people of Gothenburg! GP

Nick Caves’ music plays a central part in Your Passion is Pure Joy to Me. In the same way as the singer asks himself in his texts just how it is possible to live with painful memories, Stijn Celis has seven colourful dancers, moving with an obstinate expression, exploring the possibility of finding hope and consolation after traumatic experiences. Words as impressionistic and intimate have been used to describe this choreography, created for The Göteborg Ballet.

In our time there is probably no rock star that has grappled quite as much with the question of trust and consolation as the Australian singer/songwriter Nick Cave. His songs consistently revolve around the question of whether or not consolation is possible after one has lived through and survived the most diverse catastrophes, from the great worldwide ones to those that are highly personal and private.

With Nick Cave the question of faith is not so much a question of the existence of God. In his songs it is much more a matter of how one can live with one’s memories without being broken, of how, in spite of all the heavy memories, one is able to recreate and retrieve a belief in life.

/ Armin Kerber, dramaturgist for Stijn Celis Your Passion is Pure Joy to Me.
An excerpt from the program to In Memoriam

Trailer, Your Passion is Pure Joy to Me

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