The Rite of Spring

The Rite of Spring

Dance piece by Marie Chouinard

Rebel Marie Chouinard is an icon within modern choreography. An astounding multi-faceted artist who is fascinated by the poetics of the body.

As a choreographer she has won numerous awards and is in demand internationally. Chouinard's avant-garde choreography for Stravinsky’s ground-breaking music is regarded as being her masterpiece. The choreography is constructed around solos – organic, vigourous and vivid.

Ett filmklipp från Våroffer

"There is no story in my Rite", she explains, "no development, no cause and effect. Only synchronicity. It is as if I were dealing with the very moment after the instant life first appeared. The performance is the unfolding of that moment. I have the feeling that before that moment there was an extraordinary burst of light, a flash of lightning."

Choreographer Marie Chouinard reflects on The Rite of Spring and bODY_rEMIX


Choreography, Set Design, Lighting Design – Marie Chouinard
Costume Design – Liz Vandal
Music – Igor Stravinskij 

Length – 35 minutes
Dancers – 20

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