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15 December 2011

Hitchcock's Notorious at The Göteborg Opera in 2015

Hans Gefors and Kerstin Perski turn Hitchcock's Notorious into an opera. Premiere at The Göteborg Opera in 2015.

29 November 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Dance production by Mats Ek, performed by the Göteborg Ballet. Revival première at the Göteborg Opera Wednesday December 7 at 7.30 pm.

7 November 2011

Katarina Karnéus - new soloist at the Göteborg Opera.

At 11 am this morning, it was announced during a press conference at the Göteborg Opera that mezzo-soprano Katarina Karnéus has signed a five-season contract with the Göteborg Opera.

19 October 2011

Chess at the Göteborg Opera

Next season's major musical at the Göteborg Opera will be Chess in Swedish. Director: Mira Bartov.

22 August 2011


Press showing at the Göteborg Opera on Friday, 2 September at 2.30 pm. Première at the Göteborg Opera on Saturday, 10 September at 6.00 pm

18 August 2011

SvD Opera Award to choreographer Örjan Andersson.

Choreographer Örjan Andersson is being presented with the Svenska Dagbladet Opera Award this year, for choreographing productions such as Eroica which he created directly for the the Göteborg Opera Ballet

11 August 2011

Have-a-go dance course for children at the Göteborg Opera

The Göteborg Opera Ballet are holding a free have-a-go dance course for children aged 8-9.

9 August 2011

The Göteborg Opera at the Göteborgs Kulturkalas cultural festival

5 August 2011


Première at the Göteborg Opera on 20 August at 6.00 pm.

25 July 2011

The Göteborg Opera starts off the new performance year

Tuesday August 2 at 10 am

21 June 2011

Adolphe Binder new Artistic Director for The Göteborg Ballet

Today The Göteborg Opera announced the appointment of Adolphe Binder as new Artistic Director for The Göteborg Ballet.

26 May 2011

Triplex – The box inside out

NUDANS 2011, The Göteborg Opera Small Stage, 3-4 June

17 May 2011

Tjolahopp, tjolahej!

Family concert with music from Astrid Lindgren's fantastic stories. Première at the Göteborg Opera on Friday 27 May at 7pm

6 May 2011


Revival with the Göteborg Ballet, Friday May 13, 19.30.

31 March 2011

The Göteborg Opera season 2011/2012

March 28 the Göteborg Opera released its programme for the 2011/2012 season.

24 March 2011

Lucia di Lammermoor

Première at the Göteborg Opera on April 2 at 6 pm

23 February 2011


Worldpremiere with the Göteborg Ballet, Friday February 26 2011, at 18.00.

27 January 2011


Première at the Göteborg Opera on Saturday, February 5, 2011

17 January 2011

Hans Gefors creates a new Swedish opera for the Göteborg Opera

The première is planned for 2015.

14 January 2011

The Göteborg Ballet brings success production to Lyon

Première at la Maison de la Danse, Lyon, the 19th of January.


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