Published 18 September 2009

The Göteborg Opera is planning to add an extension to the building

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At a press conference at The Göteborg Opera at 11.30 today an announcement was made about plans to build an extension to the opera house. The reason for these is that The Göteborg Opera has now, after fifteen years, outgrown its premises. A decision on the project will be taken later this year.

A three storey extension on the west side of the present opera house would provide an additional three thousand square metres as well as three separate areas that can be combined to form a stage with an auditorium for 550 people. The idea is to have a multi-functional building with cafés, rehearsal rooms, auditorium, conference and practice rooms. The new building will be connected to the present building via a connecting passage. The cost of the new section of the opera house is estimated to approximately 130 million kronor which is intended to be self-financed without any need to use public funds.

More efficient use of the stages.
The Göteborg Opera’s artistic activity has grown considerably during these first fifteen years. More popular productions are performed than ever before. Seat occupancy at The Göteborg Opera averages at 85% on an annual basis, which is the equivalent of approximately 250,000 visitors per year.

The Göteborg Opera’s mission statement is to become one of Europe’s most interesting opera houses. The opera can attain this goal by keeping a high artistic standard, which, in turn, makes great demands on premises and rehearsal times. The Stora and Lilla stages are today not used to their full potential for performances. The reason is that both of the stages also have to be used as rehearsal rooms, which leads to a shortfall of income from ticket sales.

More performances and a broader selection. The proposal for a middle-sized stage has been drawn up by the management of The Göteborg Opera and presented to the board of directors who, in turn, have given the go-ahead for a decision to be made later in 2009.

“We, from the board and management of The Göteborg Opera, envision great opportunities being provided by the new premises. We will free up the Stora stage for additional performances. Furthermore, we will be able to broaden the selection of concerts and other cultural activities aimed towards current and new target groups. We can work with more flexibility and make it possible to host conferences and exhibitions,” says Frank Andersson, chairman of the board of GöteborgsOperan.

The investment expenditure for the extension is estimated at 130 million kronor. The extension is to be self-financed and thus neither encumber the state nor the region. According to our calculations the yearly income and running expenses will give a positive financial result.

“This is The Göteborg Opera’s greatest development project since the opera house was built in 1994. We make this major investment in order to strengthen and develop the core activity,” says GöteborgsOperan’s CEO, Peter Hansson.

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