About musicals.

The boundary between what constitutes a musical and what constitutes musical theatre, or even opera, can sometimes be somewhat diffuse.

"At the Göteborg Opera it is our intention to stage all forms of musical theatre, from the beginnings of opera right up to the present day. Baroque opera, musicals and everything in-between. It’s all music theatre!” Stephen Langridge, Artistic Director for Opera/Drama
Chess (2012)
Chess (2012)Malin Arnesson

In recent years, The Göteborg Opera has been able to present exclusive musical titles such as Cats, Sunset Boulevard, Chess in Swedish and Mary Poppins. In several cases, the premier on the Main Stage has been the first outside London and New York.

A musical at The Göteborg Opera is usually staged in Swedish and, time and again, in a new translation. We are really proud to be able to say that we have developed the art form of musicals to the highest level, with an international standard of production of the very highest quality.

The Göteborg Opera also contributes to developing the musicals genre by commissioning new musical works, principally in a smaller format and for the young audience.

See more about our musicals in the archive.

Sunset Boulevard
Sunset BoulevardMats Bäcker
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins
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