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Making History Together

Stephen Landridge. Photo: Mats Bäcker

If you had been in Milan in 1904, would you have gone to La Scala to see the premiere of Madama Butterfly? Or would you have, instead of experiencing this historic moment, stayed at home that night, and waited for an opera you already knew? The first run of Notorious – with the peerless Nina Stemme – will be one of those "I was there when …" moments. A Gothenburgian premiere that will end up being written about in books – and the audience response is a vital part of the story. So don't stay at home and rearrange your music collection or browse through your favourites lists on Spotify. Instead, go out and impact the future of musical drama!

Another historical writer who has influenced musical drama is William Shakespeare.

In 2016 it will be 400 years since he died. We will celebrate him in many ways, including with an orchestra concert and two operas (Hamlet and Macbeth) based on his plays.

Opera and musical theatre offer an imaginative, emotional and compassionate workout that is very difficult to surpass. We want to build an artistic community that extends to the parts of society that do not always have a voice among the established cultural institutions. The Göteborg Opera has worked, for example, with refugees, integrated groups of both disabled and non-disabled people as well as children and young people. We take this side of our work very seriously and continue to develop it.

But we are also capable of extreme silliness. If you ever need a break from harsh reality and need to let your hair down, and just have a good time – come to see Crazy for you! I promise that it will be some time before you can get the smile off your face as Gershwin sends you tap-dancing and humming homewards.

- Stephen Langridge, Artistic Director Opera/Drama

On Opera

We aim to maintain the high, international quality we have in our current productions, while also reaching out to new audiences.

"We are investigating the standard repertoire in a new, powerful way, while also introducing less well-known works from the whole 400-year repertoire of musical theatre and opera," says Stephen Langridge, Artistic Director for Opera/Drama

“We aim to be a hub of creative activity, providing a platform for the development of new work. A place where experimentation can lead to new commissions."

Classic works mix with new ones, and popular works with others that are seldom produced. Different art forms enrich one another in creative encounters of the highest quality. Our stage artists maintain a high international level of performance, and indeed we often act as a springboard for the great artists of tomorrow.

We aim to be a hub of creative activity, providing a platform for the development of new work. A place where experimentation can lead to new commissions. 

"The Göteborg Opera will offer works spanning the period from the very beginnings of opera up to the present day including everything from baroque and grand opera to musicals. The name we give it is of less importance. Puccini's La Bohème is perhaps closer in style to Les Miserables than Monteverdi's Orfeo, the first operatic masterpiece, but we are focussed on quality and dynamic performance rather than narrow definitions of genre.”

On musicals

The boundary between what constitutes a musical and what constitutes musical theatre, or even opera, can sometimes be somewhat diffuse.

At the Göteborg Opera it is our intention to stage all forms of musical theatre, from the beginnings of opera right up to the present day. Baroque opera, musicals and everything in-between. It’s all music theatre!

In recent years, The Göteborg Opera has been able to present exclusive musical titles such as Cats, Sunset Boulevard, Chess in Swedish and Kristina från Duvemåla. In several cases, the premier on the Main Stage has been the first outside London and New York.

A musical at The Göteborg Opera is usually staged in Swedish and, time and again, in a new translation. We are really proud to be able to say that we have developed the art form of musicals to the highest level, with an international standard of production of the very highest quality.

The Göteborg Opera also contributes to developing the musicals genre by commissioning new musical works, principally in a smaller format and for the young audience.

On concerts

We want concerts at The Göteborg Opera to provide a rounded, three dimensional experience – just as you get with an opera or a musical.

We hold a large number of concerts at The Göteborg Opera each season. In the small format, the concerts we put on include the Story Foyer for our very youngest audience, and foyer concerts which allow you to get really close to our singers and musicians. On the Main Stage, our orchestra concerts and operas put on as concert performances broaden our repertoire and make The Göteborg Opera Orchestra more visible than usual. Beyond this, we also invite audiences to attend family concerts, the Twelfth Night Concert and Ball, and more.

In the next few years, we are going to develop our concert offering, giving these important events a unique and sometimes surprising flavour. Watch this space

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