Summer on Stage with Skapa

Summer on Stage with Skapa

Do you love music? Like theatre? Is singing your thing? Or maybe you want to try it out? Are you 13-17 years old?

If you answered YES! to these questions then it’s not enough just to be in the audience during the Gothenburg Culture Festival. Take part and perform instead! We’re looking for 25 young people who want to take part in a fun, ambitious project on 15 – 20 August. During four days of workshops, we’ll create a short, new piece of music theatre together with professional artists. On the fifth day, we’ll perform the piece on the main stage at the Göteborg Opera!

Curious? Want to know more?
Contact us at, or see below for some common questions.

GöteborgsOperan SKAPA

SKAPA is the Göteborg Opera’s creative work focused on participation and creativity. All sorts of things can happen in the performing arts. We make sure they do.

Frequently asked questions

1. What’s this all about?

At the Göteborg Opera, we’re passionate about making new work in the performing arts. Sure, opera has a long and brilliant tradition but we’re also interested in making new stuff. Think awesome music, exciting stories and loads of young artists on the main stage, side by side with professionals! In August, we’re running four days of workshops. Professional artists at the Göteborg Opera and a group of young people will create a short, new piece of music theatre that we’ll then perform during the Gothenburg Culture Festival. It’ll be intensive and fun. We’re start from scratch: together we’ll decide how it sounds and how it looks. 

2. What will we do?

We’ll have fun! Meet new friends, sing, act, create. Explore music theatre in practical workshops, work with professional artists to create a short new work together. It culminates in a performance on the Göteborg Opera’s main stage, as part of the Gothenburg Culture Festival.

3. Who can take part? Do you need to have done similar stuff before?

Previous experience is not necessary! All you need is the desire to take part, create, sing and perform alongside other people. You’re welcome if you’re seriously into singing and acting, or if you just sing a bit in the shower!

4. I play an instument/rap/am an acrobat. Can I take part?

Absolutely! We’ll work with everyone’s skills to create something from scratch. There’s room for everyone and everything!

5. Is it free to participate?

Yes. If you live outside Gothenburg, you may also be able to have your travel expenses reimbursed by us at the end of the project.

6. What’s the schedule?

Tues 15 August........ 10.30 – 17.30 
Weds 16 August...... 10.30 – 17.30 
Thurs 17 August …… free day 
Fri 18 August........... 10.30 – 17.30 
Sat 19 August.......... 10.00 – 17.00 
Sun 20 August.......... 09.30 – 16.30

7. Do I need to take part in the whole project?

Yes. We’ll prioritise applications from people who can take part in the whole project. If everyone’s there for all the sessions, the experience and the result can be much better.

8. Which artists are working on it?

The project’s led by two professional artists: Hazel Gold (director & writer) and John Barber (musician & composer). 

9. What kind of performance is there at the end of the project?

We’ll show our work to family, friends, invited guests and the general public on the Göteborg Opera’s main stage, as part of the Gothenburg Culture Festival.

10. Which languages will we talk on the project?

The project will mostly be led in English, plus partly in Swedish. We’re happy to help translate between English and Swedish if needed. We’re also happy to help with other languages, if we can! You’re very welcome indeed whichever language you speak.

11. What’s the deadline for applying?

There are two phases: if you apply before 26 June, you’ll receive an answer latest 30 June. If you apply after 26 June, you may get a place, subject to availability. 

12. Can we really create something good and worth seeing in four days?

Yes we can! Of course, it won’t be an epic work that lasts several hours with a huge set, lighting and tons of costumes, but we can definitely make something really good! John and Hazel (who are leading the project) are not only super-nice people and awesome artists – they also have loads of experience of creating work in groups. 

13. Where does the project take place? How do I get there?

Everything takes place at the Göteborg Opera, near Nordstan. The address is the Göteborg Opera, Christina Nilssons Gata, 411 04 Göteborg. The bus/tram stop Lilla Bommen is right by the opera house. The boat “älvsnabben” also has a stop nearby. Both the main bus station (Nils Ericssons terminal) and central train station are within walking distance. 

14. What about food and drink?

We’ll provide drinks & “fika”. Bring lunch with you! You’ll have time to go out and buy lunch if you want, as we have an hour’s lunch break. You can also buy lunch at the opera’s staff canteen on week days. 

15. What do I need to bring/wear?

You don’t need to bring anything. You don’t need any particular kind of clothes or shoes. It’s just important that you can move freely and easily. 

16. I want to take part! How do I apply?

Send an email to We’ll answer with a few simple questions to find out more about you. It’s that simple! If you apply before 26 June, you’ll get an answer by 30 June latest. We’ll take om more people after that if there are places. 

16. I have more questions, I’m curious, I want to know more…  What do I do?

Get in touch!
Our contact details are: Hanna Morau, coordinator SKAPA
Tel: 031-10 80 72 or 073- 91 78 017
Email: or

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