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Saburo Teshigawara

Saburo Teshigawara began his unique creative career in 1981 in his native Tokyo after studying plastic arts and classic ballet. In 1985 he formed the dance company KARAS with Kei Miyata, which has been invited to perform in major cities around the world. For this company Teshigawara has created some twenty pieces. Teshigawara also create for companies such as Paris Opera Ballet, Frankfurt Ballet, Nederlands Dans Theatre and Geneva Ballet. Teshigawara has likewise received increasing international attention in the visual arts field, with art exhibitions, films / videos as well as designing scenography, lighting and costume for all his performances. Teshigawara's sculptural sensibilities and sense of composition, command of space and his decisive dance movements all fuse to create a unique world that is his alone. Keen interests in the diverse aspects of music and space has led him to create site-specific works, and collaboration with various types of musicians.

Besides the continuous workshops at the KARAS studio in Tokyo, Saburo Teshigawara has been involved in several education projects. Recent young members of his company are from the project "Dance of Air", an educational project bringing out a performance as a culmination of a year-long workshop process, produced by the New national Theatre Tokyo. Furthermore S.T.E.P. (Saburo Teshigawara Education Project) was initiated 1995 with partners in the UK, working along the same line as Dance of Air. In 2004, Teshigawara was selected for The Rolex Mentor and Protegé Arts Initiative to work as mentor for one year with a chosen protégé. Since 2006 Teshigawara has a professorship at the Department of Expression Studies, the College of Contemporary Psychology, St. Paul's (Rikkyo) University in Japan, where he teaches movement theory and conduct workshops. Through these projects, Saburo Teshigawara continues to encourage and inspire young dancers, together with his creative work.

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