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Ole Forsberg

Ole Forsberg trained at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. He has worked at numerous theatres around the country as an actor, director and dramatist. At present he is on a sabbatical from the Stockholm City Theatre, where he has played Kulygin in Three Sisters, directed by Robert Wilson; Smerdjakov in The Brothers Karamazov, directed by Peter Oscarsson and Den Girige (Eng: The Misanthrope) directed by Daniel Benoin. Over the past nine years, Ole has been Artistic Director at Klara Soppteater where, for example, he has examined and made selections from the Swedish review tradition with performances, like Klara Hund, with material out of Swedish comedy duo Hasse and Tage's treasure chest and a musical mosaic inspired by Povel Ramel called Lite fantasi (Eng: Little Imagination). Ole has been awarded the Gustaf Fröding Society medal of honour twice. Once for his programme Fröding och Jag, and once for his interpretation of Gustav Fröding in Kärleksköparen – Fröding Naked. Among the roles he has played in musicals are Mickey in Blood Brothers at Malmö City Theatre, Karlsson in Styrman Karlssons Flammor at the Borås City Theatre, Stein in City of Angels at the Stockholm City Theatre and Malcolm MacGregor in All or Nothing at the Stockholm City Theatre.

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