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Carina Söderman

Carina Söderman has worked as a freelance actor and singer for 27 years. At the Göteborg Opera, she has previously played the role of the Bird Lady in Mary Poppins and Ulrika in Västergöl in Kristina from Duvemåla (1996-1999). Most recently, she was to the fore with a European premiere in the role of Alice Beineke in The Addams Family musical at the Östgötateatern (2012-2013) She has been appearing on TV screen since 2004 in series such as Poliser, Svaleskär, etc and has performed in the feature films Cockpit and Kärlek Deluxe amongst others. Since 2011, Carina Söderman has been touring with the Skillinge Theatre in Lena and Percy Präriehund by Jonas Gardell, and Whatever Happened to Betty Lemon by Arnold Wesker.

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