About the company.

We have a mission from Västra Götaland region: To make opera, dance and musicals accessible for all inhabitants.


In order to reach a larger audience and to attract more people to the opera house, the Göteborg Opera tours around the region and gives concerts.

”With great performances the Göteborg Opera satisfies time and time again. They invest in classic opera productions, modern ballets and popular musicals. And the quality is always high.” alltomgoteborg.se

A clear environmental focus.


The environment is a heartfelt priority for the Göteborg Opera. Our environmental profile is evident in all things large and small. It is present in every decision, from the type of paint to use in the set design workshop to the produce bought for the restaurant. We have a few real enthusiasts in-house who actively promote environmental issues and who follow up the work annually. Everyone who works here is offered a basic environmental training.

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