Season 2015/2016

All together now/ A common sense

Every dance season has its own theme that is independent, as well as linking to the previous ones. 

The overarching theme is composed of topics that capture the transformations, fears and dreams of the present day. They all explore human consciousness and the reality that we live in. The three most recent seasons have moved from the physical, wandering person seeking a refuge and throwing themselves out into the unknown, to the more elevated persona, a source of energy, and the collective subconscious.

In the 2015/2016 season, GöteborgsOperans Danskompani will focus on the concept of “I” and “we”. What meaning do they have today? How will they be defined in future? The specially invited choreographers will examine more closely what happens when the “I” becomes a “we” and develops collective behaviour and consciousness. The individual is pitted against the collective, the affinity to the group against the individual's sense of confinement. In structures that can silence, marginalise and oppress – even eliminate – anyone who thinks differently, “being equal” is suddenly defined as “being the same as everyone else”.

Throughout the season, GöteborgsOperans Danskompani will explore this theme together with some of today's most acclaimed choreographers and artists.

The questions they will ask include: What do the demands for submission mean relative to social acceptance? Is there such a thing as a Nordic identity? Is the Jante Law (eq. to the tall poppy syndrome) a part of who we are, and how is it then perceived by onlookers? What do we do with people who stand out, who are identified as being different?

In a time of nationalism, racism and intolerance, when whipping up a fear is seen as an efficient mechanism of control – the role of the art world is tremendously important. Art is not just a matter of pleasing the senses. Art also exists to show us the pain in our society, in our world.

Let us elevate the value of risk and adventure, of the uniqueness of the experience and the temporary solidarity created each performance when the dance and the audience meet.

Come and be our partner. Adventure awaits!

Adolphe Binder, Artistic Director Dance August 2011 - February 2016.

Choreographers and Creators 2015/2016

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