Me, Myself and Eye


In this photo exhibition I am aiming to reflect on the season's theme of the subconscious: Wonderland – Weird and Wonderful.  

My thinking of the Self, the 'I' and our identity is strongly influenced by the Swiss psychiatrist Jung and German philosopher Jaspers. I play with the terms of the "I" and the 'Not-I", the Self (our inner and outer projections on it), identity, the person(a), the perception and the shadow.

The ego, or sense of self, is in the center of the consciousness and is characterised by a strong self-identification. Self-awareness is a complex of ideas and identifications; Jung calls it the Ego-complex. Outside, there are other I-near complexes. They are unconscious and referred to collectively as the personal unconscious, closely linked to the individual life history and are fed from two different channels. On the one hand it involves contents that were once conscious but excluded in the course of time as a forgotten or repressed areas of the ego-consciousness, on the other hand to primarily unconscious elements that never got fully into consciousness.

The persona is the representative, extrovert part of self-consciousness, corresponding to the external personality. It adapts to the outside world in terms of a norm-bound, socially acceptable behaviour or appearance. In ancient Greek theatre persona also stands for the mask or role of an actor/actress.

The shadow is the dark, shadowed side of the personality. It is part of the I-close and personal unconscious and is made up of all the aspects, tendencies and traits incompatible with the conscious identification of the ego. If there is no conscious analysis and reflection of the ego's unconscious shadow we can only perceive it outside the self and through projection onto others (the shadow concept). The confrontation with the shadow, i.e. its integration, is an important and indispensable step on the road to wholeness or individuation of personality.

The self is the center of the personality, where all opposing parts of the personality are combined and united. It is the goal of lifelong individuation, which essentially consists of incorporating the largest possible part of the unconscious to the conscious.

— Adolphe Binder, Artistic Director of GöteborgsOperans Danskompani

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