Dance work in two acts by Nicolo Fonte
Music by Peter Tchaikovsky

After several exciting dance works at the Göteborg Opera, renowned American choreographer Nicolo Fonte has now been given the task of creating a full-length ballet especially for our company. As the central figure Nicolo Fonte has chosen Peter Tchaikovsky, the man behind the eternal classics Swanlake, Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker. Fonte uses Tchaikovsky's own letters and diaries to add new dimensions to our image of the man and the composer.

Just as its predecessor, Follia in Re: Baroque, this work refers to a specific period of time and describes our relationship to its art and artists. At the same time we can enjoy the world's most beautiful ballet music in a completely new context.

The Göteborg Ballet, the Göteborg Opera Orchestra and song soloist Cecilia Vallinder.


Shuya Okatsu
Finn Rosengren

Nicolo Fonte

Marcus Pysall

Lourdes Frias

Brad Fields

Musikalisk rådgivning
Anders Wiklund och Finn Rosengren


Full-length ballet by Nicolo Fonte.
Music by Peter Tchaikovsky.

  • Genre: Ballet
  • Season: 2004/2005
  • First show: 12 Mar 2005
  • Last show: 21 Apr 2005
  • Location:

    Main Stage.

  • Length: Approx 2 h 45 min incl. 1 interval
  • Introduction:1 hour prior to performance
  • Info:Gothenburg Main Stage


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