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Dance. Jo Strømgren Invites Death to a dance. Wim Vandekeybus revives the legend of Oedipus.

When two of the most challenging choreographers of contemporary dance create new works on the theme of decadence, anything can happen.

Watch a clip from the performance.

Decadence is the uniting theme for two new creations, starting with the idea that we build our lives by reaching for that which is right and that which is perfect. Even so we can suddenly and seemingly illogically destroy everything through destructive and irrational behaviour.

Watch pictures from the performence.

Jo Strømgren is an established Norwegian choreographer and well-known internationally. He has a wealth of experience from theatre to modern dance and now creates this, his first work for an institution in Sweden.

The Belgian filmmaker and choreographer, Wim Vandekeybus, has in his characteristic style played an influential role in the development of modern European dramatic art. In his time he has been well-known for his work with film, photography, choreography and music.


  • Genre: Dance
  • Season: 2008/2009
  • First show: 28 Feb 2009
  • Last show: 3 Apr 2009
  • Location:

    Main Stage

  • Length: approx. 2 h 35 min. incl. ibterval
  • Introduction:1 hour before performance (not on premieres), on the Small stage. Limited number of places.
  • Info:Göteborg Opera Main Stage


Music   Zarah Leander
Choeography, Set Design, Light Design   Jo Stromgren
Costume   Bregje Van Balen
Sound Design   Lars Årdal
Music   Charo Calvo, Nine Inch Nails, Peter Pop, Omar A. Rodrìgez-Lopez
Choreography, director   Wim Vandekeybus
Set Design   Johan Daenen, Wim Vandekeybus
Costume   Isabelle Lhoas
Light Design   Alban Rouge, Wim Vandekeybus
Sound Design   Benjamin Dandoy