Let the experience come home with you. In our OperaShop you will find a selection of opera, ballet and musicals on CD and DVD.

We have the perfect present for all ages.

In the OperaShop you will find a wide range of operas, ballets, musicals and classical music on CD and DVD. It also sells a large number of books that inspire and give you the opportunity to learn more about different art forms. You can find everything from non-fiction and dictionaries to crime novels taking place in an opera environment. We also have a completely new product range for young people and children for plenty of fun games, singing and music. If you want a souvenir from your visit at the Göteborg Opera, we have several unique pieces to choose from.

The OperaShop is open on weekdays from 12.00 until 18.00 or until the end of the last interval in each performance. On Saturdays and Sundays the shop is open in connection with the performances. Performance programmes and presents can also be bought here.

Order the programme in advance and have it sent home to you!
Send an email to abonnemang@opera.se.

Tilo Stengel

Ouvertyr - The Göteborg Opera's own range of glassware

In celebration of our 20th Anniversary, The Göteborg Opera, in collaboration with designer Sofia Bergman and Skrufs Glasbruk, has produced our own range of everyday glassware and ornamental glassware, Ouvertyr. The range currently includes champagne glasses and tealight holders. The glassware is for sale in The Göteborg Opera OperaShop.

2 champagne glassesSEK 549
1 champagne glassSEK 299
1 tealight holderSEK 229
2 or more tealight holdersSEK 199 ea.

A small selection of products on offer


The Emigrants series by Vilhelm Moberg

Paperback (in Swedish)

SEK 59 each or
SEK 199 for all four.

Emigrant series for children:

The Long Journey to America (Den långa resan till Amerika) by Joan Sandin
(In Swedish)

SEK 49 each or
SEK 129 for all three.


Childrens' Music Book (Barnens Musikbok)

Listen to the magical music that the animals play. (Swedish)

SEK 129

Jippijaja Quiz

550 quiz questions in a Swedish game about arts & entertainment.

SEK 159

Poppy Graffymask

Paint your own masks

SEK 79 each


Soft, padded animal masks SEK 45 ea.


Bukowski Soft Toys

Penguin, large SEK 89
Owl, small SEK 79
Penguin, small SEK 69
Polar bear, small SEK 69

Miniature instruments

Trumpet , violin, and cello.

SEK 99 ea.


Paper theatre dioramas from Covent Garden in London

Cinderella and Great Expectations SEK 149 kr ea.
Harlequin pop-up card SEK 69


Box Office and OperaShop

Telephone +46 31-13 13 00
Fax +46 31- 10 80 51
Email biljetter@opera.se

Opening hours

Telephones open Mon-Fri 10:00 am-6:00 pm, Sat-Sun 12:00-6:00 pm or until the start of the performance.

The Box Office is open from 12:00 noon every day. Closed on performance-free Sundays and holidays. We also sell gift certificates, both at the box office and here on the website.

Order a programme in advance

Send an e-mail to abonnemang@opera.se and have a programme sent directly to your door.

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