Questions & answers.

Here are the answers to the most common questions.

When should I be there?

If you have already picked up your ticket half an hour before the performance begins is early enough. But why not take a while to enjoy the opera house and the atmosphere? If you wish you can come to the introduction to our opera and dance performances an hour before they begin.

What should I wear?

You don't need to be very formal. On opening nights some people like to dress up a bit extra, but it's in no way a requirement. Come as you are and enjoy the show.

However, we do recommend choosing not to wear perfume. We may have guests in the audience who have an allergic sensitivity to chemicals such as perfume, aftershave or perfumed hair products.

Can I pay by card?

Yes, in the bars and cafés and in the restaurant you can pay by card.

Can I park nearby?

You can park both conveniently and inexpensively in the multi-storey car park, Nordstan. It costs SEK 20 to park from 18.00 to 24.00.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, we sell gift vouchers in our ticket office.

Where are the toilets and cloakrooms?

Toilets can be found on the ground floor as well as on all balconies. The same goes for cloakrooms. Choose the cloakroom that is closest to the section that you are sitting in.

Is it alright to take photographs?

No, all photography and all kinds of recording are prohibited during the performance.

Is it alright to have a mobile phone on silent?

No, mobile phones must be turned off completely throughout the performance. Even if it's on silent the radio waves your mobile phone emits can still interfere with our equipment.

What happens if I come late?

Once the performance has begun the doors are closed and no-one is allowed into the auditorium until after the first interval.

Are there any guided tours of the opera house?

Yes, in conjunction with performances, groups can be given a guided tour behind the scenes. Read more about guided tours.

What is an introduction and how much does it cost?

At an introduction you gain deeper insight into the current performance. It does not cost anything extra. Read more about introductions.

How do you book tables in the restaurant?

You can phone our head waiter and book a table on 031-13 13 00. You can also send a reservation request. Make sure you book well in advance, as the restaurant is often fully booked. Go to the restaurant page.

Can I order in advance for the interval?

From an hour before the performance begins you are welcome to order in advance for the interval. You order and pay at the café in the section you are sitting in. During the interval you can then go to where you have been directed and your order will be served there.

How long are the intervals normally?

The intervals are usually about 25 minutes long. See the exact times for the acts and intervals for your performance.

Where is the bar?

There are two bars, Cocktailbaren on the ground floor and Operabaren on the first floor. In addition there are three cafés that also serve beer and wine, one on the ground floor, as well as one on the first and one on the second balcony.

Where can I buy a programme for the performance? Can I get it in advance?

Programmes are available from the opera shop and the ticket office. On the evening of the performance you can also buy programmes from our hosts in the foyer.

Do you have extra cushions that I can borrow when bringing children to a performance? Yes, certainly, contact our hosts in the foyer and they will help you.

I'm a bit hard of hearing. What aids do you have for me?
We have IR hearing equipment that you can borrow from our hosts. Read more about which aids are available on loan.

Can you help me with my wheelchair?
In the stalls on row 22 there are special places intended for people in wheelchairs. These tickets can only be bought or booked at our ticket office. During the evening our hosts will help you with your wheelchair. Read more about accessibility and aids.

I want to give flowers to someone participating in a performance, what do I do?
Leave the flowers at our staff entrance, the one facing Maritima centrum. Label the flowers with the name of the person and the performance in which he/she is participating. We will see to it that they come to the right person.

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