Our favourite gift idea: packages

Now you can buy packages, a new way to combine and purchase tickets to The Göteborg Opera. We have a range of different packages which include one or several shows. You also get a little extra in each package.

Packages are the ideal gift idea for your loved ones - friends, neighbours, parents, grandchildren or your partner. We have designed some of the packages so that the shows are all on one weekend, so packages are also great presents for visitors to Gothenburg.

True Tales

A weekend package with a musical and an opera.

Kristina från Duvemåla – musical 10/1
Learn more about Kristina från Duvemåla

Hänsel und Gretel – opera 11/1
Learn more about Hänsel und Gretel

Free performance programme.

Price: SEK 810–1300

Ring the Box Office on +46 31-13 13 00 to buy True Tales

Contemporary Performing Arts

Two powerful experiences: a newly commissioned dance programme and a modern opera.

Shadowland/Neverland – dance 27/3
Learn more about Shadowland/Neverland

A Flowering Tree – opera 28/3
Learn more about A Flowering Tree

Seminar on contemporary performing arts, 28/3.
With The Göteborg Opera’s Artistic Directors Adolphe Binder, Dance and Stephen Langridge, Opera/Drama.

Price: SEK 615–950


Get to know and love the Göteborg Opera Orchestra with 3 concerts.

Close Encounter, Chamber Music Day - concert 30/11

Frozen Planet - concert and film 20/12
Learn more about Frozen Planet

Living, Dying and Surviving - konsert 26/2
Learn more about Living, Dying and Surviving

Seminar on the role of the conductor, 27/10.
With Henrik Schaefer, Music Director of The Göteborg Opera Orchestra.

SEK 850

Ring the Box Office on +46 31-13 13 00 to buy Listen

Yuletide Fun & Fairy Tales

An fairy-tale opera and and a family concert.

Jultrad-i-trion – concert 21 Dec, 2014
Learn more about Jultrad-i-trion

Hans och Greta – opera 10 Jan, 2015
Learn more about Hänsel und Gretel

A CD for adults.

Price: SEK 655–1 000

Ring the Box Office on +46 31-13 13 00 to buy Yuletide fun & Fairy Tales


Two of the season's big productions.

Le Nozze di Figaro – opera 1/10
Learn more about Le Nozze di Figaro

Kristina från Duvemåla – musical 1/11
Learn more about Kristina från Duvemåla

The Göteborg Opera's Anniversary Book. 20 productions and personalities 1994–2014

Price: SEK 1 000–1 490

Ring the Box Office on +46 31-13 13 00 to buy Jubilate

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