Rebooking Protection .

Rebooking protection.

– a simple insurance policy against unforeseen events.

The Göteborg Opera rebooking protection allows you to, up to the day before the show, rebook your checked-out ticket to another performance of the same show (if availible). Any difference in price is paid by the customer. Up until four weeks before the day of your ticket, we refund your ticket.

Price: SEK 30/ticket.
N.B. Rebooking protection is included in all subscription packages.


  • Until the day before the performance date, rebooking for a different performance date of the same production is permissible, depending on availability. The ticket must be returned to the Göteborg Opera no later then the day before the original performance date.
  • Rebooking protection entitles the policyholder to repurchase on condition that ticket is returned to the Göteborg Opera at least four weeks prior to the performance date.
  • From four weeks up until the day before the date of the performance, the ticket can be reimbursed in the form of gift tokens if the guest cannot attend the performance due to illness, bereavement, theft or accident. Any claim must be verified with a medical certificate or police report. When a medical certificate/police report is required, it must be in the possession of the Göteborg Opera at least one week after the incident is reported.
  • Rebooking protection must be purchased at the same time as the ticket.
  • Can only be used once per ticket purchased for a specific performance date.
  • Rebooking protection replaces the former rebooking fee. No additional fees will be payable.
  • The fees for Rebooking protection will not be reimbursed, nor will any service fees that may have been paid.
  • Ticket rebooking and repurchase will only be dealt with by the Göteborg Opera cashier’s office, telephone number +46 (0)31 13 13 00 or e-mail:

Rebooking protection for subscribers

Rebooking protection is included in all subscriptions. This means that up until the day before a performance you can rebook your tickets to another performance date for the same show, subject to availability.

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