Program subscription.

Reading the show programme before your visit to The Göteborg Opera is a good way to get even more from your experience.

You can read more about the history behind the piece, get an insight into the work that goes into each piece, and you can read the director's or choreographer's thoughts. You'll even get a description of the plot and of course a smorgasbord of beautiful images to feast your eyes on.

Delivery costs are included in the price of a programme subscription. Each programme will be sent to you after the premiere for each piece.



Programmes are included to the shows:
Wonderland/Wasteland, Shadowland/Neverland, Northern (de)Lights 2, L'oiseau de feu

4 programmes per subscription
Price SEK 200

Your choice

4 programmes of your choice. You choose the ones you want when ordering online.

4 programmes per subscription
Price SEK 0-290

Kristina från Duvemåla SEK 80
Hänsel und Gretel SEK 70
A Flowering Tree SEK 70
Bluebeard's Castle/Erwartung SEK 70
La Cenerentola SEK 70

Wonderland/Wasteland SEK 60
Shadowland/Neverland SEK 60
L'oiseau de feu SEK 40
Daphne* SEK 0
Close Encounter* SEK 0
Jultrad-i-trion* SEK 0
Living, dying and surviving* SEK 0

* Free programme. Collected here at the opera house on the day of the performance.

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