Dance. Four evenings of innovative, modern dance on the Wonderland theme.

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Wonderland / Wasteland


World premiere 20 September 2014

Welcome down the rabbit hole. Two choreographers in collaboration with GöteborgsOperans Danskompani create a thought provoking performance. Two creations which balance and complete one another.

In A’s Adventures he plays with inspiration from Alice/Anton in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Time and memory move in different directions and the chess game draws the playing board. See what is behind the looking glass from the inside of the mirror.

In Wasteland, Ina Christel Johannessen, who runs the Oslo-based company Zero Visibility Corp, takes the theme further. In an incredibly beautiful abandoned industrial location, dancers interact with both music and set.

An award winning documentary about people living and creating beautiful worlds out of rubbish on a dump site in Brazil sets the inspiration for this piece. The Belgian group Stray Dogs will perform live from their latest album Wasteland.

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alice's mirror
Wonderland/WastelandVictoria Audourd

Shadowland / Neverland


World Premiere 14 March 2015

In the dark and grim Shadowland, Irish choreographer Michael Keegan-Dolan takes us on a breathtaking broom flight to Blockula: witch hunts, sorcery and a fervour to wipe out the odd and unfitting. Terra incognita, the unknown land, is investigated and discovered. Inspired by Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and WB Yeats’ early poems rooted in the Irish legends, mysticism and occultism, a gut wrenching witch hunt sets the scene that makes the witch project.

In Neverland, Norwegian choreographer Alan Lucien Øyen has been inspired by Peter Pan and by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream – Puck with parallels to Peter. A strong wish to never grow up. A play in and about reality in a dream scape.

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Shadowland/NeverlandMelike Acar

Northern (de)Lights 2

A platform for northern contemporary dance art.


World premiere April 2015 at The Göteborg Opera Small Stage

A different kind of goodies or a Nordic twist to the classic delicacy Turkish delights – we present a tasteful palette of fantasy and light under the season theme of Wonderland.

Swedish choreographer Martin Forsberg has created several new pieces for venues across Sweden and other countries. His most recent works include Doppelganger for Regionteater Väst.

The duo of Lisa Östberg (dancer, choreographer and writer) and Kim Hiorthøy (artist, musician and choreographer) has worked previously with Gunilla Heilborn, for example in a film from Alaska at The Göteborg Opera Small Stage in 2009.

Tilman O'Donnell, a former dancer and currently Rehearsal Director at GöteborgOperans Danskompani, is the next creator. He has chosen Sweden as a base for his long international career. We have previously seen his work This is in 2010 at The Göteborg Opera Small Stage.

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Northern (de)Lights 2Lennart Sjöberg

L’Oiseau de feu

Come fly with us!

Premiere 30 May 2015

About a hundred teenagers and elderly people will be gathering in Stravinsky’s L’Oiseau de feu (The Firebird), with the full orchestra. L’Oiseau de feu is one of Igor Stravinsky's most esteemed ballets and was created for the Ballets Russes in 1910. It paved the way for the more modernist Le Sacre du printemps which came a few years later.

A project similar to ours, but with a focus on vulnerable adolescents, has been carried out previously by Sir Simon Rattle, then Chief Conductor at the Berlin Philharmonic, and choreographer Royston Maldoom. Their project culminated in a spectacular performance with 200 young people performing and with the award-winning documentary film Rhythm is it.

Now it’s our turn. With contemporary dance, a local choreographer and local performers, our Firebird is going to take the opera house roof off. Come on, join in, dance! Change your life.

For information about auditions and so on, visit in spring 2015.

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