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If, for example, your internet connection is slow, the page will load faster in the low graphics setting. If you surf on your mobile or if you have a functional disability it might also be a good idea to test the simpler version. However, the full version is also adapted to offer accessibility for people with disabilities. After all, we want as many visitors as possible to have the best possible experience on!

Change the size of the text on the web site.

If you wish you can change the size of the text on You do this in the menu on your web browser. If you use Internet Explorer or Firefox then go in under “View”. If you use Safari you go in under “Contents”. Then you can choose to zoom in or zoom out the whole page, or just the text.

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Example text

Proin sed diam non metus dictum mattis a sit amet lacus. Vestibulum adipiscing, est nec hendrerit mattis, nunc nibh fringilla leo, porta tempor dolor nibh et nunc.

Donec at sem a ipsum aliquam dapibus. Nullam a erat vitae nulla ultricies tempus. Duis venenatis tortor sed dolor sollicitudin posuere. Nunc leo lectus, lacinia vel malesuada eu, sagittis eget quam. Sed at quam sem, in consectetur neque.

Accessibility information

I wish to know more about accessibility and aids at the Göteborg Opera.


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